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Wings-Lacing Stickeebra

Wings-Lacing Stickeebra

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"With an adjustable front clasp, the Wings-Lacing Stickeebra gives you total control of support of your breasts, providing you with more comfort and confidence. The ability to control the fitting of the bra added with enhanced cleavage control makes this an upgrade on the normal Stickeebra. Combined with the additional coverage provided by the wings on the side, the Wings-Lacing Stickeebra is the perfect combination of our Wings Stickeebra and the Front-Lacing Stickeebra."



Adhesive bras have been around for some time but never really reached the popularity it deserves. Research has suggested that wearing of underwire bras could actually lead to breast cancer. Does this mean that the time for adhesive bras is due anytime soon?

If you have a chat with your closest girlfriends, you will realize many of us always have the same complaints when it comes to bras. Most of these revolves around comfort and awkward situations.

With Stickeebra, you get the best of what a normal bra gives you as well as the removal of these complaints. You will feel more confident, more comfortable and be at ease the whole day. This product is a true merger of all goodness your inner wear should provide.

But we still had some complaints about the Stickeebra. Essentially, people are saying there is not enough support and control over the cleavage. Our researchers put ther heads together and came up with the Wings-Lacing Stickeebra.

With an adjustable front lace, there is now more control over how snug you would want the bra to feel on your skin, giving you more support, comfort and confidence.

However, there is still complains about the coverage it provides. that's where Wings-Lacing Stickeebra fills the gap. With wings up and out from the sides, it provides more coverage than the Front-Lacing Stickeebra.

Being a combination of the Wings Stickeebra and the Front-Lacing Stickeebra, the Wings-Lacing Stickeebra is a result of listening to what you, members of the Stickee family, wants.

What matters most, however, is that this bra works incredibly well. You will feel good inside and out. To whoever came up with the idea for adhesive bras (that would be Charles L. Langs), we should say thank you.

Product Description

ADHESIVE BRA Made From The Finest Silicone Adhesive which has been tested to be friendly to the skin. Our Stickeebra would make you forget that you are even wearing a bra, while still providing the adequate cover a normal bra provides.

  • Extensively tested silicone adhesive means no adverse skin reaction when putting on
  • Good formula allows Stickeebra to stay on for the entire day
  • Absence of bra strap prevents shoulder soreness and abrasions
  • No underwire equating to lower risk of breast cancer
  • Comes in Nude or Black to match your style and outfits

How Stickeebra Will Improve Your Life

  • Less constriction on breasts resulting in less possibility of breast cysts
  • Reduce blockage of lymphatic drainage allowing toxic materials to flow out from the breasts
  • Encourages growth of breast tissues compared to regular bra
  • Reduce breast sagging by preventing ligament atrophy
  • Stretch marks will fade
  • Increases confidence as proper usage can bring about fuller cleavages


 Sizing Chart


  • Clean Your Skin
  • Place One Side On At A Time
  • Position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips.
  • Repeat the same application on your other breast, being sure both sides are equal in height. If not reapply and adjust accordingly.
  • Connect The Front Clasp

For More Detailed Explanation And A Video Demonstration, Please Visit The “How To Stickee” Page.

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