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A: StickeeBra is a self-adhesive, strapless, backless, and reusable bra with washable, silicone adhesive. This product does not contain latex.

A: StickeeBra Family is pro health, not pro fashion. We do not see ourselves as just another lingerie store. We see ourselves as ambassadors of a family where our main role is to help members of our family learn more about themselves, the clothes they wear and how to be comfortable with who they are. We provide Support to Women. We always Care. We are always here.

StickeeBra gives you more comfort than your usual bra. With StickeeBra, it’s easier to breathe with no straps and band that are very constrictive. We encourage women to use bra without underwire, straps and elastic bands. We want to be natural as possible. Stickeebra wants you to make you feel as beautiful as you are, and lift your breasts—and your spirits—up high.

A: StickeeBra promotes better breast health as it allows your breast to move more freely and unrestricted. StickeeBra also allows you to create your ultimate cleavage in addition to providing coverage and support to your breasts without the binding straps found on traditional bras. StickeeBra is great for strapless, backless, sheer, and halter dresses.

A: The adhesive has been tested to be skin-irritation free. However, if you do have very sensitive skin, please try out the product before buying more than 1 item.

A: Breasts come in all sizes and shapes. It is difficult to determine exactly what size to wear. However, in most cases, it is recommended that you select the correct size based on your current breast cup size without any padding.

How much coverage of the bra wanted is entirely based on personal preferences. We do offer exchanges for first time purchases so that you can better gauge your size based on your first purchase and to get accustomed to the sizes by Stickee.

If you have not used adhesive bras before, the lack of support might feel weird for you at the start. We do recommend if you want more support to purchase a Stickeebra that is one size up from your normal cup if you feel you need more support.

Addiltionally, you can refer to "How To Stickee" Page for more details to determine the size you need.

A: It is recommended that you wash the adhesive surface of your StickeeBra using warm water with mild soap that contains no lotion, moisturizer, perfume, oil, etc., and wash the adhesive using the palm of your hand. Do not use your finger nails or any abrasive material to clean, because they will create permanent damage to the adhesive. Rinse with warm water, and shake off the excess water before hanging them to air dry.

Store the dried, clean StickeeBra in its original clear travel case to protect them from foreign objects such as lint and dust. Additionally, you can refer to "How To Stickee" Page for more details on how to clean Stickeebra.

A: The service life of the adhesive depends on the individual’s skin type, the preparation before wearing StickeeBra, the environment, and how well the adhesive is maintained and if to be used occasionally, you should be able to use the Stickeebra for up to a year.

A: One little trick that have been shared with us is to use a hairdryer to heat up the adhesive area. This makes the adhesive a little stickier. Just remember not to put it on when it is hot!

A: All of the StickeeBra cups already contain adhesive. Unfortunately, replacement adhesive is not available due to hygiene reasons.

A: The differences between our various products are shown in this chart. (STICKEE BRA PRODUCT COMPARISON CHART) We would recommend you trying out the flagship Stickeebra or the Wings Stickeebra(for more coverage) for a start and from there see how it works for you.

A: This is an American store and prices shown are in USD.

A: Yes. We ship internationally from the USA. However, do take note that shipping outside of USA would take approximately 2 weeks.

A: We have a first purchase no questions asked exchange policy We understand that bra cup sizes different from company to company. This means that the size you originally purchase might not fit you. This could lead to you needing to exchange the one you purchased for a different size which is why we came up with this policy.