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The Stickee team is very big on the whole family theme.

We do not see ourselves as just another lingerie store. We see ourselves as ambassadors of a family where our main role is to help members of our family learn more about themselves, the clothes they wear and how to be comfortable with who they are. Many times, stores are places where people make a purchase and only goes back to the store if they need to make another purchase.

In Stickee, we believe the best way to keep the family happy is to be there whenever we are needed. 


We recognize that women of all ages want to be seen, noticed, talked to and valued.

There is no age limits to those desires. Many women believe we cannot have that kind of attention later in life because of what society depicts. We are led to believe that as we age, we lose value. We are told that only youth is attractive. 

We totally disagree! All women should feel comfortable in their own skin and we at Stickee strive to make all women in our family feel the same way. 


Having fun with fashion and make-up can be a real pleasure. I think it's a good idea to check in every once in a while on what our motivation is. I make sure it is sourced in fun rather than fear.

Stickee is a lifestyle. It is a way of life. Putting on a Stickeebra doesn't have to be just for occasions. It can be the occasion. Replace your wired bra with a Stickeebra. Especially as new research are coming up showing how underwire bras could potentially be a cause of cancer. Read more here.

Wear it with pride. Wear it with confidence. Wear it for fun. Wear it with us. 


Always Caring. Always Here. We are Stickee.