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About StickeeBra

Stickeebra is a strapless, backless, wire-free adhesive bra — with self-adhesive cups to help solve some of women's most concerning problems with their regular wired bras.

We created our brand with certain values: Family like support, Always caring, always here. These were not negotiable.

We want to help women live healthier by using bras without the straps and wires, and then slowly transit to a minimal bra or totally go bra free.

Stickeebra compliments any strapless or backless outfit and other such outfits. It gives you the cleavage control and enhancement you need with a center clasp.

Adhesive bras are worn by many celebrities and is gaining popularity around the world. If you are interested in selling Stickeebra, email us at

Women who do not want to (1) wear external padding such as foam or the like, and (2) have uncomfortable underwires in their bras have given many positive reviews about Stickeebra.

We are the only company that is pro-health, not pro-fashion.


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