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World Kiss and Chocolate Day 2017

Getting the love month vibes? Oops! it's not February yet but it's not a reason not to celebrate two of the most sweetest things on earth: kisses and chocolates! Talking about sweetness overload!

World Chocolate Day 

Who would be audacious enough to say that he or she doesn’t love chocolates? I bet there’s none. Chocolate is considered as one of the famous flavours worldwide. This World Chocolate Day, there’s nothing wrong if you indulge yourself on eating different shapes and sizes of chocolates. To all chocolate lovers out there, here are some facts to indulge in:

1. World Chocolate Day will be on Saturday, 28th of October. Some people celebrate World Chocolate Day on Friday, 7th of July. World Chocolate Day is always celebrated on October 28.

2.. World Chocolate Day is one of the most delightful unofficial holidays observed by people who love chocolates so much, that they almost forgot their routines and even their names when coddling to a sweet, creamy, mouth-watering taste of chocolates.

3. Chocolate is a processed, classically sweetened food produced from the seed of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. Cacao’s earliest documented use was around 1100 BC where they made a chocolate beverage which has a very bitter taste. In order to get into its well-developed and succulent flavour, it has to undergo the process of fermentation. It takes about thousands of years to be in its perfect state, how ancient isn’t it?

4. Countless studies are made that chocolate has a substance that lowers the blood pressure level, provides energy to your entire system, sharpens the brain and fosters the cardiovascular health. Dark chocolates have antioxidants that protect the skin from UV rays. It is also encumbered with fiber that aids in digestion.

World Kiss Day

It’s time to break out the chapstick and pucker up, because International Kissing Day is here. Also known as World Kiss Day, International Kissing Day, July 6, is all about celebrating — you guessed it — kissing. Kissing, in case you’ve yet to realize it, is an art, and an art that should definitely be celebrated.

Because you’ll most definitely be wanting to lock lips with someone this International Kissing Day, here’s what you might want to know about kissing. So pop a mint, re-apply that chapstick, and get ready to celebrate the holiday.

1. Both Men And Women Love Being Kissed On The Neck

While the lips are the first choice spot for kisses, both men and women choose the neck as their second favorite spot for being kissed. According to the survey, 63 percent of men and women rate this as their favorite body part to be kissed outside the mouth. As for a place that doesn't win much approval, that one goes to the forehead. Only two percent of men like being kissed on the forehead.

2. Bad Breath Is The Number One Killer For Kissing

Well, no shocker here… but, yes, for 66 percent of the singles surveyed, nothing can kill the mood quite like bad breath. Coming in second place as another kissing pet peeve, at 15 percent, is too much tongue, because let’s be honest, too much tongue is never a good thing.

3. Men Have A Harder Time Remembering How Many People They’ve Kissed

While 29 percent of women say they’ve kissed somewhere between zero and seven people, the same percentage of men have no idea how many people they’ve kissed because it’s “too many to count.” Basic math leads me to believe that these guys are probably not in the 70 percent of people who want to remember their kisses... buy, hey, whatever works for you!

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