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What to do with Old bras: try these 8 Sustainable Hacks


So, girls who have given up their bras or found a better alternative, now you ask "What to do with old bras?"

As beauty queens answer that, “Thank you for that wonderful question.” Textile waste is a growing problem specially for countries with multiple seasons in a year. Effectively re-using old clothes is one step closer to a zero-waste, low-carbon lifestyle.

Normally, women have at least 16-21 bras in their wardrobe. A bras life last around 6-9 months and it gets replaced. Usually about 3-5 bras gets rotated and maybe one or two of them gets worn out and need replacement. Or, if you gain weight or lose some pounds, you get remeasured. Probably you’d be getting a new set. So, what do you do with your old bras?

You don’t need to just throw it away in the trash. You don’t want to add to the textile waste problem, would you? Good old bras can still be surprisingly useful.

Here are 8 things you can do.

  1. Donate a lightly-worn bra to a woman in need

Maybe you are planning of changing size, either you have gained weight and your bras are too tight suddenly or you lose weight and even the last hook can’t hold your boobs anymore, and your bras you no longer need is not that worn out. Maybe someone else still can use it. Make sure to wash it thoroughly before handing it over.  Or you can do the next …

  1. Donate a lightly-worn bra to your local op-shop/thrift store:

Many people who are experience financial hardship rely on Op Shops for clothing, and increasingly, shoppers are choosing op-shops as a plant strong option. Just make sure your bra is in near-new condition and is totally clean.

  1. Recycle old bras:

If your bras are not anymore suitable for wearing, but it is still in one piece and it is made of absorbent material, consider recycling it. Oh yes, either you can use it as rags or floor foot mops and car washers. Just make sure to take off the metal parts or some parts that might cause to scratch your car. Or if you don’t want any bras laying around your house as rags, you can send it to recycle depot operators and they will make it into industrial rag or textile by-product.

  1. Go Green, bras in your garden…you didn’t expect that!

Textiles are made from natural materials can be returned to the earth to create resources. Biodegradable fabrics: if something is biodegradable it just means it can be broken down naturally by bacteria. These includes cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, hemp, bamboo and linen. Once it is decomposed, add it to your garden pots.

  1. Re-purpose your old bra into a new purse:

Feeling creative? You can turn your old bra into a small shoulder bag or a coin purse. You just need some craft skills and a sewing kit and disguise a bra into a fancy useful creation. There are tons of ideas that you can google about it.

  1. Add support to a top/dress or make a new one:

So, you are going to a party and you are planning to wear a backless dress. You need some support and you don’t want to go braless. You can use your old bras and remove the straps and sew it into your backless dress and make sure to discreetly hide the thread.

  1. Jazz-up your old bras

Perhaps there's nothing wrong with your bra, but you're a little bored of it in its current state. Or maybe there's a little niggle that needs fixing. No worries! You can give your bra a makeover by getting a little crafty with a needle, scissors, and the internet of course.

  1. Convert it into a pet's toy

Yep, you can up-cycle your old bras into a play ball for you pet! Your furry animal friends and the planet will appreciate this one. Simply stitch 4 cups together to make a ball with some stuffing inside, and voila. Happy pet, happy earth. 

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