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What influences women to make the choice to go braless?

Honestly Going Braless has both Pros and Cons, Biggest Pro being that it is comfortable beyond anything. Other than that here are few things that woman notice when they go braless for sometime

There isn’t a single girl who hasn’t wondered how a bra-less life would feel like. There are certainly days when you wake up giving absolutely no f*cks and couldn’t care less to even wear a bra. Bra-less days, sure. But a bra-less week? THAT’S what we’re talking about. But before you plunge into the heavenly world of no sweaty under-wires and life-threatening corsets, here are a few things that every brave girl faces –

1. You can’t decide what top to wear – cuz your nipple is too darn perky with even the slightest stimulation (mine being – a nice chilling gushing breeze –

2. Your attention level is down to 0 because all you notice are how your boobs jiggle every time you talk/walk/breathe/DO ANYTHING!

3. Amidst all that jiggling, you finally notice how your boobs are uneven. ☹
(Breast Asymmetry is a real thing!)

4. You are constantly paranoid of your co-workers and friends noticing your brave new adventurous self!

5. Walking down the stairs hurts and you find cool ways to (subtlety) hold your boobs while combating those stairs

6. Ta-da! You finally know what under-boob sweat feels like and you have to find innovative ways of slyly wiping that sweat under the boob.

7. Your fashion taste suddenly changes and you crave for clothes you’ve never owned (like that really sexy backless summer dress with string straps!)

8. Other bra-less women are suddenly your new sisterhood!

Credits and Source: Aylen |

When it is difficult for you to go bra less, whether it's not your thing or you are too conscious about how people look at your breast or maybe you don't like the look of your breast hanging over. A Stickeebra is your best option. It gives you the benefit of being bra less and at the same time enjoying the benefits of a regular bra and even more. Stickeebra is an adhesive bra that provides natural lift without the discomfort of straps and bands. It gives you a full control over your breast however you want it.  With its center clasp or lace design will enable you to control a cleavage drama. And get this, no underwires! 

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Daisy on November 08 2017 at 09:24AM

Hi Kathy! We’re glad you love our Stickeebras! We have reached out to you thru your email regarding your concern. Have a great day ahead!

Kathy Flake on November 02 2017 at 11:36PM

I love stickee bra. My only problem is post lumpectomy, I am different sizes even with an implant on operative side. Can’t figure out how to “equalize” both sides.

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