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The Pain Joni Would Never Go Back To

I am 40 years old. I have size 38 D breasts that fed my 3 boys. Before I started going braless, every time I would take off my bra at night, my breasts would ache so bad it showed on my face. I have narrow shoulders so my straps would constantly fall off of them. I would ride horses and have to hold my breasts because the bouncing would hurt so bad. I didn't know there was any other option. From 10 years old with the training bra, girls are told it is indecent to go without a bra. It was black and white. There was no alternative. ( Don't get me started on the ignorant stigma against breastfeeding in public).

To this day I get bad looks or lectured on how wrong it is when I tell people ( because they couldn't tell by looking at me) that I haven't worn a traditional bra in 2 years. What difference does it make?! I'm not showing my nipples through my shirt. Even when I am going " commando" I make sure I'm wearing thick enough material or enough layers that you can't tell I'm not wearing a bra.

I saw a video about the benefits of going braless. From that moment I took off my bra. It's been a glorious 2 years. I no longer have breast pain! I can jump up and down and no pain at all!!! I lost my home and 2 dogs to a fire this past Sunday 10/14/18. My Stickeebras were in my house as I went commando that morning when I left with my family to go worship our heavenly Father. So now we are living at my parents.

My sisters and Mom are hounding me to start wearing a bra again. One said she was going to "break" me and that I would be wearing a bra again soon. She is wrong. When I get 2 dimes to rub together, I'll be getting another Stickee Bra.By then, I am layering up and going commando.


Joni is our winner for the Breast Awareness Giveaway!
We would like to thank her for sharing her story of strength, that despite everyhthing she remains with her choice. We hope others would be inspired by her story and give their breast a comfortable choice.

If you have a story of bravery, switching from an uncomfortable bra to a more comfortable bra. Let us know. 

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