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13 weird things every woman has stored in her bra.


As convenient your bra is, many of us still store things in our bras. Because, it is just convenient to pull it out and put it in. Bras are basically a storage solution when you don’t have pockets and you hate holding something in your hand. These stowaways are often practical and sometimes they can get a little weird.


1. Beauty supplies

When you need a really quick touch up, you need a quick draw as well. Little stapes like lipstick, to q-tips, face powder, and mascara. It’s easy to tuck things into your cups and make those second touch-ups a breeze. Bobby pins can be clipped inyo the straps for emergency hair touch ups.

 2. Money

A spare change or bill slipped into your bra can not be so hygienic. But we still do it. It can be gross to both, you who put money in your bra, and the one receiving the money you’re paying it to. It may also carry bacteria from one person to another and then to you. But, what the heck, some still do.

 3. Cards

If you like stashing cash in your bra, some don’t like bringing cash but take cards instead and the bra is very convenient to hide it.

4. Keys

You may have scratching and indentation from putting and pulling in your keys from your bra, but it’s convenient to stash your keys safe in your bra when you don’t like dangling in your pants or inside your pockets.

5. Candies

You bra is not only for handy stuff but also snacks for later. You bra provides enough space and hold for your candies, gum, or granola bars, but your breast will smell minty fresh or super sweet at the end of the day.

6. Pads/tampons

When you’re going out and don’t like take any pouch or bags and pms has already arrived, you got to get ready with a pad. And the best place to stash it is your bra. It’s clean (considering you already showered), just make sure it is still in its plastic wrap to avoid absorbing your sweat instead.

7. Bottle tops

This may be weird and unusual, but some do store bottle tops to keep track how many drinks she had consumed. (Although she could just count the bottles) but why not?

8. Undies


If you going out and unsure if you can go home that night, it’s good to have a spare of undies and keep it in your bra. It’s more hygienic to keep it in your bra than in your pouch where money and keys go in. One underwear for each cup can give you extra lift and cleavage.

9. Dummys

Parenting is hard. Parenting screaming children whilst searching for a dummy is even harder. Just whack one, maybe even two in your bra and be done for the day.

10. iPod

For hands free listening, squeeze in your ipod to enjoy more of the music without worrying about it from falling off your hands.

11. Phone

Some women, let their phone spend more time than their hand bags, even it has gotten news that phones can cause breast cancer due to the radiation it emits. It’s not advisable but it’s convenient.

12. A Hanky

Your bra is closer to your nose than your pocket, so it’s easier during snot emergency.

13. Wine

Okay, so maybe you haven't managed this one yet. But some genius out there once invented a bra that can store liquor, meaning you no longer have to go to Gold Class to enjoy a chardonnay at the cinemas.

Maybe you went through an embarrassing moment and want to overcoming this unhealthy habit. When putting stuff in your bra is just like an automatic thing, try wearing an adhesive bra, the disadvantage of unable to put something in your bra may be an advantage now. 

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