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Looks Aren’t Everything, Believe me, I'm a model - Cameron Russell

video courtesy of TEDTalk

Cameron Russell is an American fashion model who was born with, as she said, won a genetic lottery of sexy body and living a legacy of a pretty face. She got the chance to talk in TEDTalks fearlessly as a model to say that image is powerful, but image is superficial. Russell graduated from Columbia University with honors in 2013. She majored in economics and political science. That is impressive and not just skin deep.

Russel suggest that we don’t need to envy her because she is a model and that she is beautiful. Because for her, coming from a fashion model who makes life out of her photos, that beauty is superficial.

It is a bias world, sometimes beauty stir such a cruel hurtful envy, whereas those blessed with other genetic advantages such as perfect pitch, artistic aptitude, athletic prowess or a high IQ rarely do.

We must know the difference between beautiful and attractiveness. We have to distinguish between beauty and attractiveness. While beauty may be genetically determined and distributed to a rare few, attractiveness is an interpersonal experience and can be achieved by everyone.

Attractiveness is based on the positive perception of oneself or others, on the way a person’s external features mesh with their internal ones and reflects who they are as a person. Attractiveness can come in all shapes, sizes and is ageless.

 This difference underlies Russell’s observation that some perfectly featured models may appear beautiful, but actually feel insecure about their looks. Attractiveness, unlike beauty, is more than meets the eye.

Russel showed different photos of her as a model and as a person, meaning her usual things to do when she is not modeling. She implies that she is happier that way, but she has to cash in from her advantage to earn. She also mentioned that in spite being a pretty girl, she has insecurities as well. Because her photos are superficial and not what the real life is, and it is just made up by creators, artist and producers.

As girls and boys scourge through magazine photos and trying to find some images of models that they can emulate, and that’s where dreams begin to creep. The though that being in a glossy paper print is good life. Russel said that she has some advantages, she gets paid and get free stuff.

But in between the good stuff, there are those sleepless nights, tiring shoots and dealing with the fans and loosing your privacy. In short, it’s hard to be a normal person. But that’s what you are envy of right? Oh wait, no one told me about that. Because magazine don’t tell those stories.

What happens after you lose your fame? Or you get hit with a bad story? No one will tell you that this comes with the package. And you’d wish you had a normal life.  If you are not lucky and just become a wannabe, because you just don’t have that luck, I say good luck with the maintenance.

Psychosocial research shows that beauty creates social and personal advantages; attractive people get better jobs, higher salaries, bigger loans and shorter jail sentences. The bottom line, according to Daniel Hamermesh, is that Beauty Pays. But, there’s an assumption that good looks lead to increased happiness, a finding we have yet to see proven statistically.

I guess it’s not bad to work hard on something that you want in life. Everything Is worth a try. But make sure you know yourself and have a good determination on what you really want for yourself and if it will give you a long and lasting happiness. Because even some of the most famous people and let’s mention celebrities may be the loneliest or saddest person. 

Beauty is a positive thing, so it should genuinely bring you to somewhere good in life. It can be an inspiration to be better but never forget that it's not what life is all about and put all your life's work on that. That's why looks aren't everything, it's just part of who we are. Beauty comes in many forms and not only in looks. 

Sometimes or most of the time, we let the society make our life’s decision. We forgot, we were born alone, and you have yourself to survive and to make happy. Making yourself famous is not living your life. You are living as an entertainment for others. That’s what fame is, and you live with the pay for the entertainment you give. What if you are tired pleasing others? What is you want your privacy back? I really don’t know the extent, but if you do we would be glad if you share your thoughts about her talk.

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