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Every once in a while a product comes along that is a total game changer. For me, the StickeeBra is just that kind of life changing product and I feel so liberated!! This bra totally works from a fashion perspective, but its really about promoting healthy breasts with the additional benefit of incredible and liberating comfort. This may sound like a commercial, but I can’t say enough about how excited I am about this bra!!

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about the problem with bras after reading a book called Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras. The authors found that bras have a significant impact on the lymphatic system, the part of the immune system that cleanses the body of toxins. Our environment bombards our bodies with toxins on a daily basis. Because bras constrict breast tissue and prevent the lymphatic system from doing its job, toxins become pooled in the constricted breast tissue.

Long term accumulation of toxins can lead to degeneration of tissue which could result in the ultimate tissue degeneration – cancer. Underwires are even more of a problem because of their ability to magnify and sustain electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and radiation from things like cell phones and WiFi. StickeeBra also has this good article on their website about these issues.

Previously, my recommendation was to change the fit of your bra band to be loose enough not to constrict and limit the time of wearing the bra. StickeeBra is a way better solution! No worries about the size of the band because there isn’t one, yet it provides modesty and support just like a regular bra. Even better there are no shoulder straps to fall down or show. While times have changed and having your bra showing no matter what you are wearing is socially acceptable these days, I prefer not showing straps especially in professional situations.

Now there are no worries about the band being too tight or showing “back fat” or any of those sizing and fit issues. Plus you completely control the amount of cleavage through placement of the cups. After a few days practice it gets easier to put them on in the right spot on the first try so the cups are even although I’ve found they don’t have to be perfectly even for a good fit. You can easily remove and reposition them so its very low stress to find just the right position for you. The website has a how-to tutorial worth checking out.

I have found the StickeeBra to be amazingly comfortable. I’ve been wearing it every day for over a month and don’t plan to go back to wearing a regular bra EVER. The comfort and freedom feel fantastic. I wear it to work, to the gym, riding my bike, anytime I leave the house. And when I’m home but not ready to take it off I can also just unhook it for an even more natural feeling. Sizes run from A to DDD and there is a testimonial on the website from someone who said these are very supportive for her DDD girls.

When cared for properly each bra should last about 60 uses (so about $0.56 a day for the Wings I bought). I haven’t had any sensitivity issues with the skin friendly “bio gel” adhesive (complies with European standards which are more strict than US standards). I like the “Wings” style which has a less padded profile, provides more overall coverage and excellent nipple modesty (so no worries in a refrigerated office environment). The cup does not have adhesive in the center so it doesn’t stick to the nipple. The cups easily peel off, then you just wash them in warm, soapy water and hang them to dry (a skirt hanger works great for this).

I just started rotating two bras as sometimes the cups aren’t completely dry in the morning if I took them off late in the evening. Keep the plastic containers and film for storage when they aren’t hanging up so the adhesive stays clean and sticky. So far the first pair I ordered is still going strong after more than 30 wears.

For those of you who would like to know more, StickeeBra has some great information on their website. Plus they send emails periodically with discount codes for when you want to stock up.

If you want increased bra comfort without giving up support and modesty while doing something great for your health, give StickeeBra a try! SAVE 15% at checkout by using this code: LIZCLARK15

Disclosure: I purchased all of my own StickeeBras and am not affiliated with the company other than asking for and receiving a discount code to share on my blog.

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