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Kitchen tricks that you cannot live without!

Your kitchen is where you make food and eat. It is important to have a clean and tidy kitchen, so you’ll have the best feeling while eating. The Sink must be clean, tables must be clear, and Your utensils must be organized. Here are 5 of some kitchen tricks that you cannot live without!

 Use clothespin for holders

For your kitchen towers, rags, gloves and other things to for cleaning, they need to be discreet and if possible, hidden. If you hang them around, they might mess with your kitchen color scheme and may cause clutter. To hide them, you can use a clothespin. Tape one side of it with a double-sided tape and stick it to one of your inner cabinet doors.


Lemon for your sink

Water stains on your sink may stink. To clean your sink and restore the shine, rub it with a slice of lemon. Not only will it remove the water stains, but it will make your sink smell good and tidy. Many doubted if lemon can disinfect your utensils, but it can indeed shine it.  

Microwave bowls Simultaneously

You can’t fit 2 bowls in a microwave at a time, but actually, you can! Put one bowl on one side of the microwave plate and place a glass with water next to it. Make sure it’s short enough to put another bowl on top of the glass to make use of the upper space of the microwave.

Chip containers to store your pasta

If you buy spaghetti, linguine, or other long pastas in bulk it can be difficult to find a good way to store the excess once you open the large package. Tall, thin Pringles brand potato chip cans excel at this use.

Store lemons for your tea

Canning lemons is a simple, thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea. Not, to mention, canned lemons are awesome with tea. In your kitchen, you can’t have lemon slice just laying around your table or in the fridge. It will rot rapidly and just go to waste. At least you can store your extra lemons for your tea later or tomorrow. Just put 3 tbsp. of sugar in your jar and add in the lemon slices and top it again with sugar until it reaches the top of the jar. Before doing this, make sure your jar is clean. Wash your lemons first and rub it with salt.


Source: 5 Minute Craft

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