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5 Hacks to take care of your Fashion Outfits

Some fashion outfits are not that comfortable to wear as you must carry it the right way, but these are not just the fashion struggles. It doesn’t end there. It’s heart breaking when we damage our favorite outfit while cleaning it. The delicate ones are the expensive ones, aren’t they? So we've made a list of the fashion hacks that are of the utmost importance to master in order to make your life a little bit easier and a lot more stylish. Bye, stains on your leather boots and wrinkles on your coat. Hello, simple fashionable solutions.

Here are the fashion hacks you want to know to maintain your fashion statement.


Pilling Sweaters

Use a pumice stone to remove sweater pilling instead of picking the pills off by hand. Just lightly run the pumice stone along the outside of your shirts, jackets, sweaters, or even pants to quickly restore the surface to its former smooth glory. 

 Wrinkled Coats


Packing clothes that end up at your destination wrinkle-free is an art. Although it may not be possible to prevent all wrinkles, clothing doesn't have to come out of your suitcase covered with unsightly creases. Take only the necessities, use a wide, flat-bottomed suitcase, and learn to strategically pack your clothing to prevent most wrinkles and make unpacking a breeze.To avoid wrinkles and creases when packing your coat into a suitcase, turn the coat inside out before you fold it.

Sweat Stains


Regular laundry detergents are usually rendered ineffective in cleaning ugly yellow sweat stains that ruin your favorite clothes. You just need to mix equal parts of lemon juice and water, and rub it on the affected area to clean the stain. Table salt, too, can be used to scrub away the stain.

Stained Leather


Go over the spotted area with a damp rag. An alternative to rubbing alcohol is white vinegar. Mix equal parts vinegar and water into a bowl, and dampen a rag with the solution. Work the water spot gently with the vinegar solution until it disappears.

Washing Cashmere

Wash your cashmere sweater with baby shampoo to be extra gentle. Hot—or even warm—water can make dyes bleed. Cold water doesn’t remove stains as effectively, but is better for garments that can shrink or aren’t colorfast. To test whether a garment is colorfast, dab the corner of a damp white cloth on an inconspicuous area. If it comes away with any dye on it, it’s not.

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