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Going Braless: Empowering or Embarrassing?

Free the nipples! What’s with women’s breast that it needs to be freed or hidden? By not wearing bras, is it empowering or embarrassing us? I hate wearing bras, but honestly, I can’t go topless, Nope!

I somehow agree in freeing the nipples by going braless because wearing bras are just very uncomfortable that you can’t wait to get home to eject from it! It brings me stress, and since I got used to it.

it’s just like holding your breath and you’ll just feel the relief when you take it off. Imagine that relief, it must have been that most stressful. The next day, I’ll just slip into new pair of bra.

We all know that women are wearing bras for covering the tatas. History stated that it all started with a handkerchief, then came along corsets which enhance women in the most painful way.  

Until today, the underwire era came to sweep women’s wardrobe and elated women’s egos. Hail the big breasted! Hopeful are the small ones! Including me, since I have a small boob and I wore a push up bra to make it look bigger and hopeful.

But then doubts came in as research unveil the disadvantages of wearing a bra. Other than discomfort, it brings Health issues and the most feared one, the Breast Cancer! Some researcher says, that breast cancer is caused or linked to wearing bra.

Others says, that it’s not. If you believe it or not, it will keep some doubts in your mind. A research also says that bra don’t do what they are expected to do; elevate back pain, lift breast or support. Instead this study claimed that bras do the opposite! Bras makes breast saggier. All these caused by Bra mistakes you're Making

Who ever invented the bra never intended it to be destructive. In the ancient Greece they used handkerchief to cover their bosom. Probably, as fashion developed, so as the bra. 

As the anything that force something into shape, I guess pressure would eventually be harmful. The corset happens to be a perfect example for this, I guess everybody knows it. Bras probably are small versions of it and has slightly similar disadvantage. That is why, some would say that Bras are Irrelevant.

According to biblical documents, the first woman, started covering with clothes after committing disobedience which lead them to be aware of their naked truth.  Although, this was a story, some culture did not follow the breast covering fashion even until now.

 It's not actually clear that breasts are universally adored. In a 1951 study of 191 cultures, anthropologist Clellan Ford and ethologist Frank Beach reported that breasts were considered sexually important to men in 13 of those cultures.

Of those, nine cultures preferred large breasts. Two — the Azande and Ganda of Africa — found long, pendulous breasts most attractive. Another two — the Maasai of Africa and Manus of the South Pacific — liked breasts that were upright and "hemispherical," but not necessarily large.

Thirteen cultures also reported breast stimulation during sex, but only three of those overlapped with the societies where men reported finding breasts important for sexual attraction.

There are some native cultures that women still topless or even bare naked, but they are very rare now. Perhaps, as influence spread out about breast wired to sexuality, then maybe that’s when they start to cover. In some cultures, probably not affected by mind corrupting medias, they don't mind to be naked.

Probably their men did not link women's breast to sexuality and just think of it like another part of a woman's body with a mammary purpose. Not like today, paparazzi hunt for embarrassing moments on celebrities waiting for a wardrobe malfunction or nip slips. 

In some societies, it is immoral and unchaste if you show off your body parts. It is buried in their minds to always respect thy selves to be respected by others. 

As we all know, women keeps fighting for equality. And be treated fairly with respect. While the breast is associated with sexuality, this makes attraction to men and creates sexual desires. Probably, why women wanted to cover themselves to prevent sexual desires by random men to protect herself from being disrespected and abused. 

But as women started to climb up to the society, women found some sort of equality and respect provided by law. Somehow, protection is now at the least of their concerns. As society creates a bench mark of beauty through different medias, most women follow the influence.

Defined by society, women are dictated what is acceptable and beautiful. Just like, having big and perky breast is beautiful and if yours is saggy, then that’s not. As fashion also develops which is also based on beauty, bras go with the trend. It seems like, the fashion today is drawing in sexuality to women. 

Now, most women want to throw away their bras. Probably after knowing the health disadvantages of bras are causing. Some would say, they have the right to show their nipples like men do. Others are caught in between, embarrassment and health issues. They want to free themselves from health problems but some are still ashamed to show their shirts with nipple marks. 

But some still want to protect themselves from the prying eyes and judgmental thoughts of others. Although, women are protected by laws, but the law can’t protect women from personal judgment and destruction of self-worth.

Some would say, they reserve their sexuality for a certain person that are meant to be with them for a lifetime. Others would say, they have the full right on what they want to do with themselves. For us, it really is up to the person on what they prefer.

We all answer to our own actions, and we must know the possible outcome of our actions, whatever influence us to do so or whatever reason we are doing it.  Either ways have positive and negative outcome, and that we make sure to be ready to handle them. Going bra less may free us from doubts from the effects of wearing bras, from tight straps and underwires.

On the other hand, it will not free us from the conservative judgement of others and worse, drawing sexual assaults on ourselves. Although, there are ways and times you can do this in a safer way. You may read through here - 12 Perfect Times to Ditch Your Bra

There are some women who can handle going braless and others just can’t. This is just based on my observation, so don’t quote me on this. Probably, it depends on your breast shape if it’s ok to show it off or hide it.

As small breasted ladies can discreetly go braless, but the fine breasted ones, can go out with their nipples reflected on their shirts. But some mamas probably don’t care and just let their boobs hang.

I guess, society made a standard which boobs may hang around and that the others must stay hidden. That if your boobs towards the ground, you need a bra. But that’s not what my grandma would say. She would say, Let it hang, no one would care! 

if you can’t go bra less and that bras are really a need for you on your occupation, you rather wear a less restrictive bras to solve strap issues and underwire caused problems. There are bras that provide you the benefit of a regular bra and enjoy a bra less feeling at the same time.

This year, women deliberately avoid the underwires for comfort and health reasons. This caused to drop sales on push up bras according to bra companies that caters this kind of bras. A survey showed that 51% of women in the US no longer want to wear push-up bras and opted to wear bralette instead. Does this mean this is the death of push up bras?  

There are already celebrities that are going bra less and so far, they don’t get any bad reputation for doing so. But I guess, there are few still make negative comments, but the public somehow accepted it. Once again, the standard of beauty trend has been elevated. But then again, it is up to us.

We just want to say, whatever is best for us is good. Good in the aspects of personal preference and not just influence, comfort and health. Not just to please others, but to please ourselves instead.

If you want true beauty, you have to go more than skin deep. there are more things that are more attractive to women that does not have to do with appearance. Have you own style, and build your own personality. Get our of the usual norm. Anything that will benefit you and maybe others, in a good way.


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Angie Worby on January 07 2018 at 08:29AM

I see a bra as a “tool”. Like if I’m going to be out on my horse chasing cattle; them ladies need some restraint! ? But the rest of the time, I am braless. If my nipples bother someone they are given the option to not look at my breasts. At this point in my life, I refuse to be anyone but myself. Freeeee theeee nipples!!!

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