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For Self and Children - A Mother's Love


Breast cancer awareness is a personal issue for me because I lost a friend to it. She fought it twice, but the second time it spread so quickly. I miss her and I pray someday that we will find a cure to this awful disease. I also have friends who have battled breast cancer and won. It's all around us.

To prevent breast cancer, I use aluminum-free deodorant (sometimes DIY, sometimes commercially produced) to reduce the heavy metals absorbed into my body in the area of my chest and upper body. I'm also looking into less restrictive, less tight bra options like Stickeebra to allow better circulation. As a mom who prioritizes breastfeeding, I want to keep my breasts in good health not just for myself but also for my children.


We would like to thank Amy for sharing her story and what encourage her to take care of herself for her children, a mother's love is always irreplaceable. We hope many will be inspired by her story and encourage others to have their breast checked for early detection and avoid causes of breast cancer. 

Amy is today's winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway. She will receive $200 worth of Stickeebra products. 

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