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Cleavage: How Low Should You Go!

A friend once told me that “God was very generous with you” Unfortunately, she was not referring to my IQ or ability and skills.

Sadly, she was talking about my boobs, plump and disproportionate to my height. She didn’t realize, I just work out my cleavage to make it look big. It’s my guerrilla maximizing tactics to double my girl size.

When I started developing breast, I was excited by them, but suddenly they stop growing at one point.  Com’on! Is that what you’ve got?  I didn't find anything amusing about men blatantly staring at my chest and mumbling crudely, and the feeling of vulnerability crushed me.

Not sure what they are thinking, if they love what they see, or are they laughing inside their thoughts. Good thing my mom introduced me to bras! They shape my breast and can work out some cleavage.  

Bras can customize and enhance the look of your girls, so they look proportion and more appealing.  But what is Cleavagely enough or when it is too much and when you need to calm down?

With the spring and summer season is underway, it made a thought on the appropriate amount of cleavage to display on different occasions. So how low should you go?

Evening Wear

An evening event is probably the only time you’ll be allowed a little leeway if you happen to show a little too much skin. You can work it out in this sweetheart neckline, the perfect strapless option for larger busted ladies. But beware; a half-inch lower and this ballroom look could quickly go from red carpet to red-in-the-face. Also, be sure to give it the “bounce” test. Any event where you’ll be dancing the night away should be tested in the dressing room before you hit the dance floor.

Wedding Day

A bride’s Big Day is her time to shine, but everyone should be looking at her beaming face and not her “booming” décolletage. “There’s nothing wrong with a bride showing cleavage, but if your wedding will be held in a house of worship, you may want to keep your girls covered or at-least semi-covered,” A wedding is a family affair and you want to be just as comfortable posing for photos with grandpa, dad and great-uncle Ed as you are with your groom. If your boobs are pushed up so far that you can fit a shot glass between them, then you probably should take them down a notch,”

The Gym

You can be famous for showing off that supermodel physique but when it comes to the gym, it's different. “When working out, if cleavage is used like an accessory, it’s sexy, but if it’s in your face and people are noticing while you’re bouncing up and down, then it becomes distracting,” says fitness expert and gym owner Lisa Avellino. Celebrity trainer Jolene Matthews agrees: “The most tasteful way to wear cleavage at the gym is to avoid the three don'ts: armpit spillage, too much jiggling from an unsupportive sports bra, and over-cup spillage.”

The Office

If you ask a few people, chances are they’ll have differing views on what’s deemed office-appropriate cleavage for the cubicle set. But no matter how relaxed your office may be when it comes to wardrobe, you don’t want your choice of blouse to become water-cooler conversation. “As a rule of thumb, don't show more than an inch in the boardroom and two inches on a date,”

Night Out

A night out on the town is the perfect time to let those puppies come out and play. This bustier style dress is hot and sexy on the small screen siren, but her bubbling-over bodice teeters on the edge of being “too much” up top. You could solve this problem by adding a cropped, fitted blazer, so you only see a peek of her, um, peaks.

On the Go

A v-neck with wide straps is the perfect choice for larger bustlines and this one is low-cut without going too low.

Whether a man claims to prefer big butts or manicured feet, one thing is undeniably true – a woman's breasts will always remain an asset. For me, it was an empowering epiphany, and removed any lingering thoughts I had of getting under a knife. 

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Tasha jones on March 26 2018 at 09:18AM

I have been doing stickee bra for about three months now and I put a bra on and I can’t stand it for even a few minutes. Love these. The pasties rock too!!! Finally wore my first pair out will be ordering lots more. I feel very comfortable and know I am going to have much healthier breasts because of y’all. Thanks!!!!

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