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Alternatives to Bras: What to Wear When Your Bra Hurts

I asked few women I met in the streets and ask them, “what is the most uncomfortable thing they wear on a daily basis?” Most of them answered. “Bra”

“Oh bra! Are you destined to hurt me? We’ve been together for so long, I battered you every day, pulled you and pushed you to your limits and over used you. But why am I the one feeling the pain?”

Wish you could tell that to your bra, but it just doesn’t care! Drama overload!
Bras can hurt the back and neck, chaff the skin, and they can even cause the cartilage of the ribcage to become inflamed. The problem is that most women feel better with some support and prefer the shaping bras give.

If bras are so important like your breakfast – it doesn’t have to hurt.

But there are ways to get support without the discomfort of bras.
We have listed some alternatives to bra and ways to make your day more comfortable.
Stop living in pain caused by bras. Throw those annoying bras in the trash and find a more comfortable way to cover yourself. 

Bra Back Extenders

If you have gone fatter than last year and you are starting to feel the pain due to the pain caused by the bands. You can add the length of your band with theses extenders. Probably you could imagine your sister laughing by now. What so funny, sis?

Bra back extenders simply clip onto the hooks of the bra and make the bra less tight by adding a few inches. They come in multiple hook styles and will match most basic bra colors. An extender could be an easy fix for painful bras.

Bras with No Underwire

The underwire bra is supposed to provide leverage to your bras and gift it a lift. But if you can’t take the pain of the pokey wires and the rashes they make under your boobs, you better throw that bra away and opt to a bra with no underwire.

Choosing a bra that does not have underwire can be more comfortable. There are lots of bras without underwire that offer good support. But the thing is, without the underwire, you won’t get that effect that the underwire is giving you, and you’d intent to tighten your strap so it could pull your breast up and ends up hurting your shoulders.

Homemade Bras

It never occurs to most women to make their own bra. But making a custom bra could be the solution for many women who can't find bras that fit correctly.

In the ancient times, women make two handkerchiefs into a bra. Now a day, there are a lot of DIY bra videos that you can watch and make your own.A homemade bra might be the end of bra pain from bras that don't fit properly.

Sports Bras

If you are into strenuous activities, a regular bra can be a pain to wear. It pulls the wait of your boobs down your shoulders will suffer and your boobs will hurt.

Sports bras are an alternative to uncomfortable regular bras. They offer plenty of support without underwires.They are typically made of stretchy material that will give with you as you move rather than digging into your sides.

The drawback to this sports bra is that they aren’t that discreet and aren’t the most attractive undergarments specially when you are not a sporty type of person.

You don’t want to look like cyclops or in boob terms, Uniboob!  It’s painless but uncomfortable sometimes when the weather is hot, unless that’s what you are only wearing. Sometimes, the stitching way cause rashes or irritation in some cheaper sportsbra.

Some sports bras even have thinner spaghetti straps more like regular bras.
For the most comfort, look for sports bras with wide bands around the bottom. Thin bands will dig and chaff more.


Camis and tank tops are another comfortable option. They may be the best choice if having anything tight around your ribs irritates you. Many camisoles come with built in shelf bras. Or you can find them without a built in bra if you prefer.

The tighter the tank top or cami is, the more support and the less sagging there will be. Nylon or spandex material will offer the most support. The drawbacks of wearing camis are that they can be hot in the summer. It adds an extra layer over your whole torso.

If you are wearing bottoms with waists that fit low on your hips, the cami can come untucked and be annoying. And unless it is really tight, it still won't have the shaping and lifting effect of bras.

But it is a better choice than a bra for a lot of women. If you are smaller chested, it may be the way to go. Camis can offer a bit of protection and support without discomfort.

Tube Bras

Tube bras may provide support and coverage without the wires and straps on your shoulders. They are similar to the short tube tops. It is a stretchy material made ti fit around your chest are just to cover your breast.

Unfortunately, the tube bras do have much to hold them in place and are more prone to shifting. If you have sensitive ribs, the bands may still aggravate you depending on how tight you buy them. Look for wide bands. They are usually more comfortable than a narrow band that will dig into your chest.But this can’t be versatile to your fashion, especially when you like backless tops and dresses.

Chest Wrapping

In some cultures, before bras were invented, women would wrap cloth around their chest for support among other reasons. This is especially true in Japanese culture. Chest wrapping was worn under kimonos. Wrapping has gained a resurgence in recent years because of its use by female anime characters, many of whom are samurai or other types of fighters.

Normal, non-constrictive cloth will work, but traditionally chest wrapping is done with a special type of supportive cloth called "sarashi." It is a really long piece of cloth that is wound around the chest (or whatever area you want to support). Most sarashi available today is about 1 foot wide by 10-15 feet long. 

So, it works like a mummy wrapping around your chest, make sure to not make it too tight so it will not cause any problems with your breathing. Or else, it will not serve its purpose of getting away with pain with the regular bras. It will not be mostly applicable to all your outfits just like your sports bras or anything similar. 

Do not use ace bandages or other very constrictive material to bind your breasts. That form of breast binding has been linked to causing blood clots, broken ribs, breathing problems, and other dangers.

Corsets and Torsolettes

I guess you are familiar with the corset, and the torsolette is similar to corsets but more like undergarments.

Although corsets are known of its discomfort, but there are modern versions now that are comfortable. Corsets and other similar garments can be the best option for dressier clothes.

They offer more support and shaping than other bras coming from the button support instead of straps that pulls down and dig to your shoulders.

Adhesive bras

Adhesive bras are the best option to avoid painless straps because they are completely strapless. It provides you with a lift like push up bra but less the pain of underwires and straps and the marks that bands leave on your skin.

Adhesive bras use a safe biogel that sticks on your skin and will provide you more support and comfortable bra experience. No need to go through the hassle of measuring the band sizes, all you need is your cup size, stick it and you are good to go!

It allows you to be more versatile in your fashion since it does not have any straps or bands at the back showing off. So, no matter what your OOTD is, it always works for you.
In the long run, it improves your health since it does not have any negative impact like regular bras do. It helps your lymphatic system to work normally. You enjoy a braless feeling and keep your confidence like you had with your regular bras but less the pain.
French study claims that, women who do not wear bras for the entire year gets a 7mm lift and perkier every year they didn’t wear a bra.

So, the last Alternative you can do is to go bra less. But if you are not comfortable going outside without a bra, you can get a less restrictive bra, the Adhesive bra.
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