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A Timely Cough That Saved Her Life

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am going to share my story. Today was my last chemo treatment for breast cancer I am going into radiation therapy in a month. I went for my annual mammogram in November 2017 and was called back for additional views. The radiologist gave the report it was all clear and to return in a year. I went to the doctor for a cough in February of 2018. I also happened to mention I still felt a soft lump not hard like a pea. She sent me for an additional mammogram and an ultrasound. She saved my life! They caught it. I went for a biopsy and it came back positive for breast cancer. Shocker! Surgery followed. Recovery for two months and into chemo I went. I finished today. It was not an easy process, however it is in place to save me next radiation. My message to all of you, DO YOUR SELF BREAST EXAMS. It can save your lives. Trust yourself. UCSF BREAST CARE CENTER is the most wonderful group of desk clerks, nurses, patient care assistants, doctors. They are responsive to all my questions, concerns, etc. All the departments work together seamlessly THANK YOU❤️ AND thank you to my family for being so supportive through this journey this year❤️ ALSO, I never really knew how vast and varied my very good friends are. THANK YOU ALL AS WELL❤️


We would like to thank Elaine for sharing her own battle of breast cancer. It is a very brave of her to share her own story and her struggles, so others will be aware that having yourself checked can save your life. We hope many will be inspired by her story and encourage others to have their breast checked for early detection. 

Elaine is today's winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway. She will receive $200 worth of Stickeebra products. 

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