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A Mother Never Shows Her Weakness to Her Daughter

My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. When it came time to take the chemotherapy it came out that she actually had Stage 4 breast, bone, liver and lung cancer. She has been on the oral chemo pill for a couple of months now and has had to have her lungs drained but she continues to get stronger every day. This weekend, her first grand daughter will be getting married. My mother never fails to amaze me in her grace and courage through all of her struggles. She is an inspiration for many.


We would like to thank Dahna for sharing her mother's breast cancer story. A mother always set a good example  on how to face life's struggle bravely. We hope many will be inspired by her story and encourage others to have their breast checked for early detection and avoid causes of breast cancer. 

Dahna is today's winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway. She will receive $200 worth of Stickeebra products. 

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