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A Double Battle

I have two beautiful cousins currently battling this heartbreaking disease. Wendy was diagnosed 4 years ago and had a mastectomy. She went through 14 months of chemotherapy, lost her beautiful curls, was terribly sick from her treatments and worked full time. In May she found a lump in her neck and found that the cancer has returned. She is now going through extensive studies and visiting several different cancer centers to see what she can do to be victorious once again. Her beautiful daughter is getting married on October 13th and Wendy is doing her best to concentrate on all of the joyful wedding plans in order to keep her sanity. My other cousin, Beth, was just diagnosed in March and is recovering from a double mastectomy. She was very lucky in catching this early and did not need to go through any additional treatments, however, she is monitoring her condition closely, as her father and sister both passed away from cancer and she is ready to conquer it if it should show up again. Both of these women are special to me, they give great love, generosity, support for our family all while battling their personal issues. Please keep them in your daily prayers.


We would like to thank Lorrie for sharing this story of her two cousins battling breast cancer, Both of her cousins are very inspiring that despite their condition, they continue to provide for the family. We hope many will be inspired by their story and encourage others to have their breast checked for early detection. 

Lorrie is today's winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway. She will receive $200 worth of Stickeebra products. 

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