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A Bumpy and Lumpy Road of Teri

Over the last year, I’ve had high points and low points. There’s nowhere to go but up. I started my 10th year of teaching special education at an accelerated high school, we have college kids and future cosmetologists. I feel like the luckiest teacher ever! Then, I lost my dad in September at the age of 89. He’d had a wonderful life.

I went for my routine mammogram in November, and they requested that I come in for a sonogram. I was then referred to a wonderful breast surgeon who did a biopsy and after testing, found out the small stage one lump was indeed cancerous. We went ahead and scheduled a lumpectomy.

The week before my surgery, my mother passed. My sister and I knew that she wouldn’t last long without Daddy. I went ahead with my surgery, which was uneventful. I did my radiation Two times a day during my Spring Break.

My beautiful daughter had the loveliest wedding on Cinco de Mayo. Looking forward to that event really kept me going over the previous months. This summer my husband, both daughters, and my new son-in-law took a brief trip to the beach condo that my girls had visited frequently while growing up. It was there that they spent so much quality time with both my parents. What fond memories we all have of that place!

So, as another school year starts, I look back over the roller coaster ride that was my year. The breast cancer part? I consider myself so very lucky! I found it early during a routine mammogram. I feel great and just had fabulous follow up appointments. I like to say that it was just a “lump” in the road...!


We would like to thank Teri for sharing her very inspiring story, we admire her bravery facing her life struggles and being so positive towards life. For her it was just a bumpy ride. We hope many will be inspired by her story and encourage others to have their breast checked for early detection. 

Teri is today's winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway. She will receive $200 worth of Stickeebra products. 

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