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9 Denim Jean Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know

Who does not wear jeans ? Jeans are a staple in almost everyone's wardrobe for a reason. They are comfortable, secure and easy to wear. They come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes. While there are many things great about them,  there are also many annoying things about them. 

They are not suppose to be washed  denim as it will fade or age your jeans over washes. That is just one of them, so whatever struggle you are having , maybe we have an answer to that. Here are 10 Denim Jean Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know : 

1. Keep your zips up

A broken zipper or lose ones can zip down more often, and can annoying that you have to zip yourself up every time. An easy trick to keep your zipper up is to slide a key chain ring onto the loop of your zipper, and then loop it around the button.  The ring stays concealed under the denim and ensures that you don’t get caught with your fly down.

2. Fit your jeans

If your waist is a bit smaller than your hips, you may have waist gaps. This leaves plenty of room in the waistband, creating a clear view of your back cleavage. Here is a fix to your waist gap.

Step 1

Start by cutting a 5-inch piece of 1-inch elastic. It can be longer if you’d like a more gradual cinch.

Step 2

Use your seam ripper and cut two slits that are 7 inches apart on the inside of the waistband. Or, if you are using a longer piece, cut the slits 2 inches wider apart than the piece of elastic you are using. Make sure you are only cutting the inside of the waistband and not all the way through. Use the center back belt loop to help you center the slits.

Step 3

Attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic.

Step 4

Insert the pin into one of the slits.

Step 5

Maneuver the pin and the elastic through the waistband.

Step 6

When the end of the elastic is even with the first slit, stop and sew through the elastic and the waistband to secure the elastic in place.

Step 7

Continue to pull the pin through the waistband until the other end of the elastic is even with the second slit. Remove the pin from the elastic.

Step 8

Secure the second slit by sewing through the elastic and the waistband.

Finished Waistline

Now your unmentionables won’t create a scandal each time you bend over. Your “gaposis” is gone for good!

3. Vodka for Odor Removal

When you need just one piece of clothing for an event, no need to do a full load of laundry for that one article. All you need is one ingredient will remove odors instantly, but you’re looking for it in the wrong place. Don’t head to the laundry room to revive stale-smelling clothes—dig through your liquor cabinet instead.  Pour some in a spray bottle, then spritz it on the musty clothes. As the alcohol evaporates, it will lift the odors away too. No need to dilute the alcohol either—vodka’s odor-eliminating power comes from its high alcohol content, and adding water will weaken it.

4. Make Your Jeans Tighter

    If your pants seems expanded to daily use which sometimes happen, throw your jeans to the washer with hot water and machine dry on high heat to make them tighter.

    5. Prevent Jeans from Shrinking

    If you do choose to wash your denim, there’s nothing worse than putting on a pair you formerly loved to find that they’ve magically shrunk two sizes in one wash. Make sure this never happens in three simple steps: Wash them in cold water only, dry them on medium heat for just 10 minutes, then air dry them the rest of the way. Voila! Your jeans will never shrink again.

    6. Avoid Bunched Up Under Your Boots Fold

      Ensure that your jeans don’t get bunched up your boots by tucking you jeans in boots by rolling them, folding them, and pulling socks over them.

      7.  Remove Gum Like a Pro

      Either you sat on a gum from a bench or you are just not lucky. It’s hard to remove a sticky gum from your jeans as it sticks really good through the fibers. To remove the gum, easily rub an ice cube on the gum until it harden, and remove it from your jeans.

      8. Turn rips to trendy

        If you look down one day to discover a freshly minted rip in your jeans, there’s a simple way to turn an accident into a style statement—just keep ripping them. This is the denim equivalent of making lemonade out of lemons, we’d say.

        9. Wash without water

        Many denim aficionados claim that washing jeans has more potential to ruin them than to help them look fresh and new. Instead, try this trick when your jeans start to feel icky: Fold them, place them in a large Ziploc bag, and tuck them into your freezer for a few days. Any bacteria that may have been living on your pants from normal wear will be killed in the process, leaving your jeans feeling fresh, crisp, and (yes) clean.


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