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You can’t give time for their friendship when you get busy and it results to not staying in touch with your friends anymore. So it doesn’t really mean that you can’t start off your friendship again by connecting with them and get close to each other again. Connecting and rekindling your friendship after months can be very difficult indeed. But don’t sweat it we are here to help you. That’s why we listed the steps below which you can follow to get close to your friend again and be a part of each other’s life.

1. Try contacting her through Facebook:

It’s very easy to connect with your friend electronically and stay in touch. You can start the conversation by saying greeting then you can talk about what you have been doing all these months and what kept you busy. If you expect your friend to open up to you, then you have to do the same. Share about the updates that have occurred I’m your personal life, the idea is to open up to her. It will also make her open up to you. When you are done catching up with her electronically and are well connected then try proposing plans for meeting up with her in person. The social media can’t be a replacement for real deep connection of friendship. It can only help.

2. Talk about the activities you shared and enjoyed:

You can remember your friendship with her by talking about the activities you have performed together. It will take both of you to the past and think about the time and how deep were you bonded to each other, which will surely help to bring both of you closer together again. You can suggest her doing more activities with you, which both of you will enjoy like wine tasting, shopping or going to a coffee shop!

3. Sending cards which are written and decorated by hand:

If you sent a note in a mail to your friend, it sure is going to surprise her if you haven’t talked to her for a long time. You don’t need to wait for a holiday or special occasion to sent cards. Don’t waste time, just sent it as soon as you are done making it for her. It will help you a lot to reset your friendship with your friend anytime you want it. But make sure you are not too bold like, setting up a date for meeting her on a card without letting her know; she might not like it at all. You can just say that you are free for her anytime she wants to hang out or meet up and make sure you tell her the way through which she can contact you easily.

4. Setting up dates for voice calls:

Hearing your friend’s voice is really going to help a lot to you for reconnecting with your friend. But generally, schedules are really tight and don’t really match for you to free while she is also free for a voice call. So what you can do is sent a voice mail to greet her well and say about how you are. It would also be a great idea to tell her the time when you are free for a voice call, and if you are lucky that day both of you might be free for a voice call at the same time.

5. Surprise her by doing something unexpected:

You can send her a jar of handmade cookie which she loves. It will surely surprise her and will make her happy. It’s going to give a boost in your friendship with her. But do not overdo anything nice, and always do what’s affordable for you.

6. Throw a Dinner Party:

You might just want to catch up with a group of friends of your, not just a friend. Then what you can do is invite them to a dinner party at your home. Make sure all the friends you invite know one another, so you will end up being lovable to everyone. As you made everyone gather at one place, by arranging a party. You can also make arrangements for small games to play together so it will help to deepen the bond between everyone.

7. Invite or take her to an event:

If you have an extra ticket to a movie or to a book reading then you should totally invite her to go with you. Taking her to a gathering place will make her feel less intimidated while meeting you, making it more casual. As both of you are not going to be alone and be accompanied by others so you will feel less awkward and you will end up discussing topics which are not serious for a meeting after a long time.

8. Try new experiences with her:

Creating fun memories with your friend is a great way to connect with each other after a long time. Sent her an email or message her suggesting the activities and the new experiences you want to try out with her. Some great activities would be wine tasting, rock climbing, hiking or even taking dance lessons together. This way you will be able to learn a lot about her.


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