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8 Things To Remember When Going Braless In Public

Women wear bras every day to style, shape and support their breasts. But it does not mean we love them. Many of us hate bras, and it’s the most uncomfortable wear on our body and we can’t wait to take them off when we get home. Sometimes you would as yourself, why am I doing this to myself?

And you decided to go braless like other girls do, but it’s not that simple. Here are things you should know.

1. The Right Mind Set

It is important to know what you are doing and understand why you are doing it to give yourself a sense of fulfillment in what you are about to do. There is nothing wrong with going braless even others cannot accept it. But the bra has no confirmed need even women have been wearing for ages. But there is no medical or physiological reason why we need a bra. In fact, it does not relieve back pain, alleviate headaches, nor prevent sagging. Instead, wearing a bra does the opposite.

2. Avoid Itchy Material

One thing you need to avoid when going braless are itchy materials. There are two types of tops, the smooth and comfortable tops that embrace your bare nipples with loving care, and there’s a rough material that will cause you itch or chaffing.

3. Initial discomfort

At first, you may feel awkward and uncomfortable going braless. You may also feel some breast sore if it is your first time to go on braless all day. But when you breast ligaments get used to its weight, the pain will go away. While you may feel strange for the first few days, by the end of a week, your chest and shoulders, along with other bra pressure points, are likely to feel more relaxed than ever!

4. Enjoy Your Freedom

It’s good to be able to choose not to wear a bra, this is called freedom. Not choosing to do things just because society dictates your actions which lead to your own suffering. Being able to choose what is best for your own comfort and advantage is pretty much satisfying and not a slave to your bra or the society.

5. Don’t be Apologetic

Never Apologize for Your Braless-ness when you start wearing a bra, you might come up against some criticism from those around you, men and women alike. Going braless is absolutely not something that you should apologize for. It's everyone’s right to be healthy and comfortable, but be responsible.

 6. Be responsible

Although it is our right to do anything for our own good and that society can’t dictate us, but we have to be responsible with what we let other people see and that we may not like their reactions. It’s about respect of other people’s place. Make sure to be ready with a 2nd layer of your outfit to cover up.

7. Go Braless Discreetly

If you don’t like praying eyes and other people’s judgment, you can go braless in the most discreet way. There are many tricks in going braless and most women like to wear Nipple Pasties so they can go out without a bra and no nipples reflecting on your shirt.

8. To Bra Or Not To Bra

There are some times that bras are required in some outfits and situations, but it’s your choice at the end of the day. If you really hate bras from now on after enjoying your braless life, you can opt for a non-restrictive bra that won’t give you headaches or shoulder/back pains an adhesive bra can be a very good choice, since it has no straps and bands that will make it uncomfortable.

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Susan on September 04 2018 at 03:12PM

I love not wearing a bra and mostly do not. Our summers are hot so the most I wear are nipple pasties if I’m in air conditioning public place. Occasionally in the winter I will wear a stickee bra if improves the way my top looks. I have large breasts and don’t mind people staring.

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