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8 Reasons Your Strapless Bra Isn't Working


You may have been through strapless mishaps that is why you are reading this. You started to feel hate for strapless bras and you want them to give them another try. But you need to understand what keeps them from working.

 1. The band is too loose

Strapless don’t have straps to keep them from falling, and they only have bands to hold the bra and your girls. You want your bands tight enough to hold your bra up and the weight of your breast. If you are purchasing a strapless bra, you need to go down a band size. It may be a little uncomfortable and get some fat rolls, but it’s either that or  wear a bra that doesn’t really work. If you hate back fat rolls, just choose a wader strap to get rid of it.

2. The band is too narrow

The wider the band, the better support if you have a larger chest.  This will ensure the bra will actually support the weight of your breast. Women with especially large busts may need to wear bustiers or strapless shapewear bodysuits to get the same level of support as women with smaller busts.

3. Convertible bras are deceptions

They may be great as a bra but never as strapless bra, especially after prolonged wear. You might want to reconsider this.

4. Your dress maybe too heavy

You strapless bra is mean to hold your breast, don’t let it hold your dress too. If you're wearing a strapless top or dress, make sure the garment is fitted through the waist so your hips, not your chest, support the weight of the garment.

5. Worn out bands

A bras life span is only about 6 months of regular use, it starts to wear out. The lesser the quality or isn’t taken care of, the lesser it’s life span is. Strapless bras have to work a lot harder than regular bras, so they wear out much faster. The stretchy fibers of your bra will weaken over time and will lose its capability to support your breast.

 6. Cup leaves a visible ridge under your clothes

    If the top of your strapless bra cup leaes a visible ridge on your clothes it’s either it doesn’t fit or the material of the cup is too thick. To avoid this problem, try a bra with unlined cup, which will lie close to your chest. It will appear seamless under your clothes.

    7.You are asking too much of a strapless bra.

    A strapless bra will never feel or perform the same way a bra with straps does. It just won't. They might look similar, but they are completely different. Best just to accept the situation for what it is, because there are times that you need no straps with your bra, either your outfit demands it, or you just got enough of bra strap pains.

    8. Adhesive bras don’t quite stick

      Adhesive bras are just like any other stickers, it doesn’t stick to any wet, oily, dusty or powdery surface. Maybe you were to excited to try your new Adhesive bra and got disappointed on your first try. Always make sure your skin is dry after shower and don’t apply any lotion or powder on the area where you stick the adhesive bra on.

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