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8 Hacks To Look Like You Are Wearing A Bra While Going Braless

So you decided to go braless but dread the judgement of other people. It doesn’t matter if you are fitted with a perfect bra, when you always want to take off that bra and let your girls breathe at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, we belong to a society where bras are a must and that wearing no bras seems like a mortal sin. On the other hand, bras where on a bad spot after researchers linked bras to health problems. A French study also claims that wearing bras can promote premature breast sagging.

According to the research, when the breast is suspended for a long period of time, it loses its natural strength to carry its weight. Also, the study concluded that women gained 7mm lift every year they did not wear a bra.

So, if you are turned between going braless and being judged or in doubt about health problems that it can cause you, then here are ways you can go braless and still look like you are wearing one.

Band Aid

Band Aid can stick to your skin and can be used to cover things.  One of which can be used to cover your nipples and discreetly go braless.

Built in Padding

Some tops come with built-in padding, much like a swimsuit top so you don’t have to wear those tight bras and just go braless. The pad evens out your bust and hides your protruding nipples.

Nipple Pasties

Works like band aid but is intentionally made for nipples.  Reusable adhesive silicon pasties to seamlessly cover the nipples, so you can wear anything while going braless.

Layer Up

With multiple layers of tops can lessen or diminish the bulge and provide some support without feeling totally trapped.

Wear Ruffles

Ruffles can camouflage your nipple  and covering it all the time. They are awesome while your nipples can go on stealth mode under the ruffles.

Wear Sweatshirts

When going on a short errand, wear a sweatshirt over your tank tops. The thick and loose material will let you feel comfortable concealing your breast and nipples.

Use a Shawl or Scarf

If you are in an office where the AC makes you feel like you are sitting in a snow-clad area, a nipple erection is inevitable. A shawl or a scarf is the best thing that can come to your rescue in such situations.

Use a jacket 

What more can you do best to hide those erect nipples. Wearing a jacket or a shrug saves you from this mess and adds a zing to your outfit. You end up making a fashion statement in the bargain.

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Daisy L. on December 07 2018 at 11:25AM

Hi, Nanette! We also have received similar inquiries with regards to your question and since our Stickeebras only rely on your breast natural support system, it may not be able to fully level out your breasts. Should you want to give it a shot, we suggest to follow the cup size of the bigger breast. Hope this helps!

Tracey Tiffin on December 04 2018 at 04:00PM

I’ve always hated bras; they never fit right, they’re expensive, they’re just a pain. After nursing a total of nine years, it’s very obvious when I go braless. I didn’t think I’d like the “sticky” of the braless bras and pasties, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Silicone pasties for 2 months now, I’M NEVER GOING BACK!! 😍

Nanette on December 07 2018 at 11:21AM

Due to a single mastectomy my breasts are not even. Any ideas how to use the sticky bra and even them out at the same time?

Sandy on December 07 2018 at 11:21AM

I love the idea of going braless and appreciated the ideas you gave about not letting the rest of the world know! Do you happen to have any ideas about hiding my bra lessness when people hug me? Your suggestion of the padded top is great but got any more ideas??? Thanks!!!

Sandy on December 07 2018 at 11:41AM

Thanks for the suggestions of being able to go braless without the whole world noticing.

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