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8 Hacks For Cleaning Your Clothes without Water involved


Every week there is always a laundry day an could be your least favorite day. It is very tedious waiting for a washing machine to finish its work and more stack of clothing to wash.  After which you will have to fold them after drying. It can sometimes take your entire day or night. For busy or lazy girls, there is a way to clean your clothing without washing them. You can start to get excited now.


1. Put Your Jeans In The Freezer

Jeans are not supposedly to be washed often. But if you need then fresh the next day, you can try throwing your jeans in the freezer overnight. The cold temperature will kill the bacteria and get rid of the odor and it will keep your jeans from being worn-in fit. It may sound weird, a jeans in a freezer, but it works.

 2. Talcum Powder for Oil Stains

Blot up a Baby powder on oil stains as much as possible. Wait around 30 minutes so the powder can absorb the oil and then dust off the powder and you’ll be surprised how the oil stain is removed.

3. Tape on Patent Leather

Dirt on patent leather shoes can be removed by taping a piece of scotch tape to pull off the dirt. If the stain is new, the dirt should be lifted off in a pinch. Sometimes, if you wipe off dirt from leather, it may scratch it, might as well lift dirt with this trick.

4. Remove make up with Alcohol or Shaving cream

Make up stains are very common and it can ruin your outfit, but simply with a rubbing alcohol it can solve this problem. Place a sheet of paper towel behind the stain and soak a cotton ball to dab out the stain. Repeat the process until the stain is removed and let it dry. Shaving cream can also be a good option.

5. Lemon on Sweat Stains

If you are prone to getting sweat stains on your shirt, you need a good solution for that. Lemon juice can be very effective in removing sweat stains. First sprinkle some salt on the stain and then squeeze a slice of lemon over it and rub it until the stain is lifted off your shirt.

6. Club Soda for Coffee Spills

If you accidentally spill coffee on your shirt just sprinkle some salt on the stain and pour club soda over it and leave it overnight to make sure the stain is lifted from your shirt completely.

7. Use Hairspray On Lipstick Smudges

If you accidentally smudge lipstick on your shirt, don’t worry. Just saturate the area with a hairspray  and wait for 5 minutes then blot the stain away with a damp cloth.

8. White Wine for Red Wine

If you spilled a pesky red wine on your shirt, who would have thought that pouring more wine will remove it. Just pour white wind over the stained area to remove the red wine on your shirt.

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