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7 Wonderwomen of America

They say it’s a mans world but for years women all around the world have been proving that to be entirely untrue, sorry James Brown! With current affairs and certain politicos making drastic changes towards women’s equality women have been taking control and taking over. Although woman are still likely to be paid less than a man hired for the same job, recently women have been demanding more cash money. Women are taking control of their lives, their rights and their vaginas.

Women have been underestimated and overlooked for years in a world that is primarily tailored for a man. The majority of jobs are in a male-dominated field especially the high paying ones and the handful of female-dominated jobs are the same stereotypical jobs they’ve been for 60 years like teaching, administrative work and nursing. More women are taking high power positions in male-dominated fields, making more money and bridging gender gaps. The following list of women have made history, led the way for women in mostly male dominated fields and or taken a stance for women’s equality.

7. Oprah

Not much needs to be said about Oprah because well, she’s Oprah. Anyone that is known on a first name basis holds a lot of power or just has a really unique first name; either way there is no doubt that Oprah is a powerful woman. Oprah Winfrey is best known for her highly popular international talk show the Oprah Winfrey Show but her titles also include actress, producer and philanthropist. She is the first black American billionaire. Her monthly magazine O: The Oprah Magazine has been successful since 2000 and in 1999 She co-founded Oxygen Media, a company that dedicates Internet programing and cable shows to women.

After her contract with ABC ended in 2011 she started her own network The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), what else would she name it right? Winfrey’s tear jerking interviews have made her one of the most well known names in TV and media. Winfrey has been said to be the most influential woman of her generation and the greatest black philanthropist in American history and in 2013 former President Obama awarded her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her contributions to the country. Oprah not only cashes checks she writes them just as much. Her success and influence makes her one of the most powerful women of today, yaaas queen!

6. Michelle Obama

Former first lady, Michelle Obama is basically always hash tag goals and there should be a shrine dedicated to her if there isn’t one already. She was the first black American first lady of the United States from 2009-2017 and her departure from the white house was a somber goodbye. Obama focuses on issues like poverty, education and helping working women balance career and family.

She also promotes healthy lifestyles at schools and started a fitness program for kids so that she can make efforts to end childhood obesity. She has made iconic speeches some of which were so good that they were plagiarized. Being from the south side of Chicago Michelle overcame the statistics and graduated cum laude from Princeton University she then studied at Harvard Law School. Obama’s confidence has allowed her to make an enormously positive impact on the U.S. as she encourages young girls and minorities to go after what they want with out fear.

5. Mary Barra

A love for cars and an automotive history led Mary Barra to General Motors where in 2014 she became CEO. Barra has been with the company for 36 years and is the first women to run one of the three largest American automotive companies alongside Ford and Chrysler. Barra definitely earned her high power position as she began working for the company at just 18 years old when she attended General Motors Institute and received an electrical engineering degree while she interned. A GM fellowship led her to Stanford University where she earned her MBA.

After Barra received her MBA she took a position as a GM manager for a manufacturing plant and through out the years she made her way up to her current top position. Barra has made strong progress and change with the company especially after a major recall, bankruptcy and lawsuits that have put the automotive company in very tough situations to say the least. Barra’s long history led her to make history and that makes her one of the most powerful women.

4. Susan Wojickicki

If it wasn’t for this Silicon Valley native we wouldn’t be able to watch our favorite beauty and hair tutorials, Susan Wojickicki is the CEO of Google and YouTube. As a long time Google employee, their 16th employee ever to be exact, Wojickicki insisted that her bosses at Google purchase YouTube and they did for $1.65 billion in 2006. It was definitely worth it because now the site is worth $70 billion and Wojickicki is reaping the rewards.

This mother of five makes juggling work and family seem effortless, she joined Google when she was four months pregnant and has told interviewers she is glad she never gave up her career when she got pregnant. It also comes as no surprise that Wojickicki has always been an entrepreneur; Wojickicki and her sister started a profitable business making spice ropes when she was 11 years old. As the head of two major companies and the mother of five children Wojickicki is a powerful woman in more ways than one.

3. Ginni Rometty

Following the trend for powerful businesswomen in software and tech companies comes Ginni Rometty. As the Chairwoman, president and CEO of IMB, Rometty has been with IMB for 35 years and the first woman to take lead over the company. She is one of the most powerful women in the world and she has an estimated networth of $45 million (cha-ching!) Rometty’s career started when she was a systems engineer at IBM, she then worked her way up to senior VP of IBM’s consulting unit and she led the companies sales and marketing.

Before IBM Rometty worked at GM for two years where she met her very supportive husband who took on all the household duties as she focused on her blossoming career. This boss lady definitely isn’t a housewife and she with out a doubt puts the boss in bossy! With three high power positions at IBM it’s no surprise that Rometty is on the list.

2. Angela Ahredts

When it comes to businesswomen Angela Ahredts knows her stuff, as the senior vice president of retail at Apple Inc. Ahredts went from fashion powerhouse to tech tycoon when she was recruited from Burberry in 2014. As the former CEO of a major fashion brand Ahredts is attributed to lifting the brand out from a low point. Before Ahredts lead Burberry to victory she was making her mark in the fashion retail game at brands like Donna Karen and Liz Claiborne.

Much of her success with Burberry may be due to the fact that she was able to introduce the brand and it’s stores to Apple technology like iPads, which allowed them to make an entrance into the modern world. She is the first woman on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s executive team. Ahredts is an innovative and modern woman that puts forth change and influence in a big way.

1. Safra Catz

With a net worth of $510 Million Safra Catz is the Co-CEO of one of the largest software companies, Oracle. She’s basically the definition of a boss b*tch and she’s one of the worlds highest paid-paid female executives, earning $53.2 million in 2015. Catz worked as Oracle’s chief financial officer for several years during which time the company thrived more than ever.

Catz started with Oracle in 1999 and her success has continued to grow ever since as she climbed her way to the top. She went from Board of Directors to president of the company three years later. Catz then took the role as co-CEO in 2014 when the companies co-founder Larry Ellison took a step back. She is known by some as Ellison’s “enforcer,” if that doesn’t scream doesn’t scream HBIC what does? With her recent political affairs and as a powerful businesswoman it’s no surprise that Catz has made the list for one of the most powerful women.

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