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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Bra

Your jeans can rip as it ages and you can still wear it with style. But the bra, you can’t do that. You want your bra to be in good shape and fit properly to provide the ample comfort and support to your precious girls. When it comes to your girls, your bra is always there to support them every day. So, the question is, how long will you hold on to your bra?

Many women ask “How long do bras really last?”  it depends. And it depends on quite a few factors. Just like “how often should I get refit“, we do not have a one part answer. And before you know how often you should replace your bras, it’s important to know for yourself what qualifies a bra as a “dead bra”. So, we have listed how to know when it’s time to say goodbye to your bra.  

3-year-old bra

Your bra is like the milk in your fridge, bras have expiration date too. After 3 years you’re not getting the proper amount of support from your bra, leaving your girls hanging-literally.

Loose band

If you think that the straps are the ones keep your girls up, then you are wrong. If you band is loose, you strap can’t do its support. As the band will ride up. 90% of the support comes from the band. If you are now on the last hook and still it is still loose, it’s time for a new one.

Your straps are never tight enough

Over time, your straps are going to stretch after many months of carrying your girl’s weight. Even if you would pull all the way to shorten the straps and they still fall, it’s time to retire that bra.

Poking underwires

You’d be tempted to slip back the underwire if it has popped out of a hole. This could mean that the material already brittle or it might not be a proper fit for you. The tip of the underwire may be poking you because it’s a wrong fit bra and the tip has ripped of constant rubbing with your skin. You need a correct size that the underwire is parallel to the shape of your under boob. If it does not poke you, then that’s a good fit.  

Gap in the Cup

If you’re standing up straight and there’s a gap in the cup, that means it’s either stretched out–which can happen with lace bras, in particular–or you’ve lost weight and need a different cup size. “The cup should lie flat against your breast,”

Bacon band

If your band is rippled and looks like bacon this means that it has stretched out and has finally lost it’s elasticity. It’s time to throw away that bra.

Damaged hooks 

Your bra is fastened by hooks. If the hooks become damaged, it cannot fasten securely. A lot of times this will occur after the bra has been washed in the washer or dried in the dryer. You can prevent this in a lot of cases by giving your bras the correct care. Other times, the hooks are damaged simply from the passage of time.

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