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7 Lingerie Packing Tips Every Girl Should Know

When you are traveling, should you roll or fold your clothes in your suitcase? How do you pack for a week with only ten items of clothing? But there’s one major issue you may not think abou when filling in your suitcase: How to properly pack your delicate underwear? Frequent flyers already masters on packing, but if you don’t fly that often and you are off for a short vacation or an event, here are some tips:

1. Pick an Outfit, then your Underwear

It’s a big mistake when people when they don’t consider undergarments for specific outfits they are bringing. The worst thing that can happen is when you have brought a new dress for a trip and it just useless because you forgot to pack the right bra for it.

2. Keep bra shapes with Rolled Socks/Panties

For more structured bras, keep them in shape with a roll of socks/panties and pack them inside the cups. For the bra in half, so the cups are staked and stuff the one inside with a sock. This way, it will save you a lot of space in your luggage and protect your undergarments.

3. Know Your Essentials

It is hard to bring everything from your wardrobe when traveling, and making sure that your underwear matches for every situation you will be attending. Pack matching sets of underwear in range of coverage like strapless and things to comfier, everyday undergarments. A Black laced bra and a black seamless panties or a jersey thong in tan, and a pair of Adhesive bras. It can be very versatile to almost all king of outfit, seamless  and comfortable.

4. Always Pack Tissue Paper

For delicate underwear, you may want to layer some tissue paper in between to keep the fine fabric from getting worn out or wrinkled.

5. Keep Gentle detergent on hand

Anything can happen during your trip. There may be a chance that you need to wash your delicate underwear. You don’t want to send them to laundry shop, you have to do it by hand by yourself. You can wash them on the hotel sink and dry them with a press of a towel and hang them in the bathroom.

 6. Keep Lingerie Separate

If possible, pack your undies in a different bag, or separate it from the rest of everything in your luggage. Keep them away from rough fabrics and materials and zippers, it’s good to keep them separate from the rest of your clothing.

7. Don’t know which bra to bring?

If you don’t know which bra you are going to bring, pick up a safe design bra and an adhesive bra in case the even you are going requires you a very demanding outfit. An adhesive bra can be very versatile and can be work with almost any outfit.

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Wendy Lewis on November 23 2018 at 01:54PM

Hey, just a note that your spell check allowed several incorrect words in this article. I totally get it, just a heads up for your viewing only. ;) Otherwise very helpful!

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