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7 Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions and How to Avoid Them

While your wardrobe is not only for fashion, but also serves a function to cloth you and cover some parts of your body. But when it malfunctions, it can be embarrassing and unforgettable for everyone. Just wish that no camera is around to capture that mortifying moment for the entire world to see. It is hard to live down embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when it happens around people that you have to see every day like fellow workers. It is always good to know the possible wardrobe malfunctions to always be ready and be 2 steps ahead. So here's a look at a few wardrobe malfunctions to be aware of and how to avoid them:

1. The Nip Slip

This is one of the common many embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions that most girls experience, especially for those who do not wear bras or wearing low cut bras under their dresses. Luckily, you don’t have to ban these skin-baring looks from your wardrobe to void slipping a nip. You can use a double-sided tape to secure your dress to stay in place or cover your nipple with nipple pasties. This will also ensure that you don’t let the world know that you are not wearing a bra or if you are feeling cold. If you need a little more coverage, try an adhesive bra.

2. The Busted Bra Insert

Cleavage-boosting using inserts that come with some push-up bras may burst and leave you a messy oily goo that doesn’t dry. The best way to avoid this is being taken away these inserts from your new bra. Instead, try a solid silicone inserts known as chicken cutlets. Or you can try the string design adhesive bras that pull your breast together in the center to create a cleavage drama.

3. Camel Toe

This wardrobe malfunction became a much bigger problem after yoga pants became a fashion staple. You might want to carefully choose your underwear and look for legging that has crotch gusset. They're sewn where all the seams would usually meet in the crotch area. The gusset shape helps with the longevity of the garment and also helps reduce the potential for camel toe by shifting seams away from the area. Or just wear thicker pants or layer it.

4. Ripped Butt Seam

This wardrobe malfunction is harder to recover. There is not a lot you can immediately do when the back seam of your shorts or pants rips. It can happen any time at any place. You can keep a long sleeve always with you and tie around your waist to cover the tear on your back. Or you can roll around in your office chair to avoid standing up and if you have to walk, walk sideways with your back to a wall. Other than that, you may always keep a small sewing kit on your back for these situations.

5. Skirt caught in Underwear

This wardrobe malfunction is easy to fix, but not before someone notice you. This happens when you had a few drinks or perhaps your mind is very preoccupied.  After using the restroom, you pull up your panties and don't realize that you pulled them up over the back of your short, flimsy skirt. To avoid this, you can try to get in the habit of always looking at your butt in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

 6. Popped button

One popped button can be less to worry, but it can change your self-image sideways. When you are expected to be professional looking and the top button pop-out, you’d look more like a slutty secretary. To avoid this, always keep a safety pin to secure your outfit or wear a cami underneath your button-up shirts. This way you won't reveal your bra or a copious amount of cleavage if a button pops off.

7. The up skirt flash

This wardrobe malfunction is easy to avoid, although it can be expected to happen when it’s windy outside. So, to avoid this, don’t wear flowy skirts during windy days. Or if you really want to wear skirts and you don’t want anyone to see your goods, then always wear underwear with it or you can wear panty shorts for less revealing circumstances.

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