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7 Bra blooper You Never Have to Endure Again

Since you started wearing bras, you also learn habits and mannerism with your bras. The Bra has been a part of a woman’s life from adolescence until you get old. Even it is the most uncomfortable thing, no matter how much brands advertise how comfortable it looks but they are still uncomfortable. They are made to elevate back pains and support, but on the contrary, they do the opposite. The main reason for this is we are wearing the wrong size bras. We have been stating this that 80-90% of women are wearing the wrong fitted bra.

Even to its pain and discomfort, bras are still part of a woman’s day. Without it, you’d feel naked. As we get used to it, we develop a certain manner or habit towards it. Just like picking your nose in the public and the other mannerisms we have.

The straps are just uncomfortable, and it even digs in to your shoulders and cellulites. Don’t hurt your cellulites, they are the curves that gives you shape. So if we can’t let go of this contraption, then we should not forget to love ourselves, and that means not punishing ourselves with an ill-fitted bras or abusing their purpose in public. They only have one or two jobs to do which is to support us and enhance our empowering bodies. So use them wisely.

Here are 7 bad bra habits that you need to stop doing.

Making your Bra as Purse

A bra is a bra, not a purse or something where you can store in it. Some women place keys, coins, credit cards, phone, makeup, snacks or even a water bottle. Would you find it gross to hold something handed to you from someone’s boobs? We can’t have you confused nipples for nickels! Have you ever been a cashier at the receiving end of a bra purse situation? It’s nothing you ever want to have to repeat.

Double Down

There has been an Unending debate about bras causing health problems. Well, how about 2 bras? Don’t make it worse. As much as we cover our breast and avoid tight contraptions, you do not want it doubled. The tighter it is, the riskier it will lead to health problems. If you need more support, might as well wear a sports bra or get fitted for the correct size bra for you.

Bouncy Boobs

It may be amazing for men watch women with bouncing boobs, but it is painful for us women. We are that woman or have seen big boobed women cringe because of the pain of bouncing and tossing and lumbering around of your boobs under your shirt. This is caused to no support from your bra. Get those puppies supported properly to avoid injuries.

Bear it don’t Compare it

Boobs have different forms and sizes, but don’t compare it with others. In the first place, it has one purpose only which is for mammary purposes. You don’t need to look like others and what they have. Be contented of what you have, everyone has its own advantage and disadvantage.

No bra is one size fits all

You can’t kill an outfit with just a regular bra. You can’t work an outfit with a poorly fitted bra. With all the pulling and adjusting just can’t get you to the red carpet. Doing that shifty-shoulder thing, tucking and re-tucking, wiggling around like you’ve got ants in your will bring the hottest look to its knees. Girls, get fitted and you will transform your attitude, posture, and look!

Sloppy strap fever

They slip, you put ‘em back. They slide, you replace. And so it goes on and on in every meeting, dinner, grocery line, and chore you do all day long. Stop the insanity, go ahead and trash that bra, and get some straps that are going to stick! You don’t need that kind of stress in your life.  

Black Bra Peek-A-Boo

Oh, little black bra or hot pink daisy patterned bra… we see you, ever-so subtly, under that crisp white T-shirt and blouse. Even your dirtiest nude bra is better than this particular no-efs-to-give look.

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