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6 Ways to Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra


If you have that lovely, flawless back, it’s always best to show it off with a backless dress. Backless dresses demands a use of backless or low-back bras. Mostly they are expensive, hard to find and sometimes don’t offer the required support. Sometimes, this discourage you to wear that backless dress and your fashion conform to your available bras. You’ll be happy to know that you can craft your regular bra to work with your backless dress.  

1. Bra Strap Converter

You can hide the band of your regular bra by pulling it down the middle of the band by up to 10 centimeters using a bra strap converter. This will enable you to wear backless outfits while giving you a stealth support and hiding the band.

2. Clear Band Bra

A regular bra with a clear band are made of transparent non-stretch plastic and are barely visible. The band closes in the sides  to hide the hooks and usually wider than other bras, so they are not likely to show despite them being invisible.

3. DIY Clear Band

A Clear band replacement in exchange with the existing band and removing the band requires diligence to ensure the bra will still look good. You can either do it yourself or have it fixed with the services of a dressmaker. It will transform your regular bra to look clear at the back to be suitable for all backless dress or clothing.

4. Sewn-In Bra Cups

With a super low back dress which a bra converter won’t work, try to sew bra cups to your dress with an old bra you have not been using. This can be used with form-fitting dresses, halter or with dresses with wider shoulders.

5. Multi-Way Bra

Multi-way bras can be configured in different ways with its detachable straps. This allows you to wear it to almost anything. Strap can be crossed at the back or mimic a halter style which seems to be a part of the dress.

6. Wear a Matching Bra

Sometimes it’s cute to show off a cute bra. You can wear an attractive bra with a backless dress and still look fashionable. Whatever you wear under your backless outfits, the key is to feel comfortable and look good. If you can’t get the necessary support from backless bras, these tips will help you wear your backless dress with a normal bra. You will therefore be supported and still look elegant.

Using your regular bra to work with your backless dress requires diligence in sewing cups and replacing bands. If you don’t have that patience with the needle and thread, you can always opt with Adhesive bras. They are best with backless dresses, because they don’t have actual bands and straps. Therefore, it does not cause any problem caused by straps. It also allows your breast to work on its own natural lift. All you need is to get the right cup size and you are good to go.

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