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6 Things Your Nipple Should Avoid


The nipple is one of the sensitive skins that are often part of your body that is forgotten or ignored. As delicate as it is, it can acquire irritation, or sebaceous cyst on the areola, or any kind of chafing or runner’s nipple. There are certain substances that should be kept away from your breasts’ pointy parts, for the health of everybody involved. Here are six things you should never apply to you nipples. Mistreating your nipple does not pay.

1. Alcohol Based Soap

Soaps with alcohol content tend to dry up your nipple area. The areola, are sebaceous glands that are designed to exude a little bit of liquid every now and then, to make sure your nipple stays soft and protected. Using extremely drying soaps or alcohol-based cleaners, unless you've been specifically advised by a dermatologist, removes this protective excretion and dries out your nipple, raising the possibility of cracking and dryness-related problems.

2. Unapproved/Untested Lube

Many lubricants are designed to be used on very sensitive areas, but they can’t control for everybody’s sensitivity levels.  Some women may find a small tingling, while a small minority may experience pain. It is always good to test it on your forearm to check if it reacts badly to you. Always check the labels if they are tested and approved by medical laboratories.

3. Witch Hazel 

It is used to treat acne and inflammation and is also for breastfeeding mothers. They act as an astringent and tighten tissue, which is good if your nipples are dealing with the swelling from a newborn constant feeding, but it is not recommended for anybody who doesn’t want to cause hardness and compression in their normal nipple tissue, or a restriction in their nipple blood flow.

4. Hair Removal Creams

If you have hairs around your nipples and you want to remove them, stay away from hair removal creams as it will just add up to your problem. The cream acts as a severe irritant to the sensitive skin of the nipple area. The glands may be infected and inflame your pores. If you must remove the hairs around your nipples, just pluck it, at least the pain ends there.

5. Double-Sided Tape / Packaging Tape

Using a Tape as a bra to lift your breast discreetly is a big no-no. A trauma like ripping off the tape could damage your glands and pores, or even rip the skin. If you are planning to tape your breast and follow Kim Kardashian’s secret, make sure to place cotton or any nipple cover or layer to shield your nipple from the adhesive.

6. Cheap Glue

If you are skipping the bra and want to use nipple pasties, make sure not to use a cheap glue. Don’t tend to fasten them with cheap paste or glue-sticks or you’ll have a very hard time to remove it and irritate your skin. You rather use an Adhesive Nipple Pasties that use a medical grade bio gel to stick to your skin. 

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