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6 Causes of Bra Stain And Discoloration

Bras are complicated thing that a woman always wears, I guess this is not the first time we mentioned this, because this is true. We have  covered a few hacks to save your bra and keeping it sane. Have you ever bought a light colored bra only to get discolored after few months? Some discoloring may come from obvious reasons, but there are sometimes that shocked you and your precious bra is all ruined and discolored.

Whether replacing your bras regularly isn’t an option financially, or you simply want to keep your underthings looking as nice as possible for as long as possible, here are six factors to avoid to prolong the lifespan of your bras…

Body Sweat

You should have probably heard of sweat stains on shirts. This can happen to your bra too. This usually happens on common areas for sweat stains to appear specially where the band wraps around below the armpit, along the underwire which sits in the crease between your breast and your torso. Although sweat is clear, but when it mixes with aluminum from antiperspirants or naturally-occurring bacteria on your skin, it can turn yellow.

Sweat itself is colorless, but when it mixes with aluminum from antiperspirants or with naturally-occurring bacteria on your skin’s surface, it can turn yellow. To avoid this, you could try switching to aluminum-free antiperspirant products.

White Marks from Deo

Besides chemical reactions to sweat, a deo or antiperspirant alone can stain your bra. Some of them have white, chalky-looking stains, and if you notice that, try switch to clear liquid Deo. Whatever you are use, always let it dry first before putting on your bra to avoid these stains.

Washing With Other Colors

Grey-water are the leftover water after washing some colored fabric clothing. These are from the dirt and dye that leaked from the fabric. This are the great reason why some whites turn to grey or whatever color that leaked from the previous clothing. To avoid this, always use new water to wash your bra and separate them by color or shades.


 Newly Bought clothes

Not only bras get discolored during washing, but you need to be careful about the fabrics they get in contact with. Dye can rub off your clothing to your bra. It may rarely happen, but time you need to be careful most of the time is when you are wearing a new top over your bra. Clothing fresh from the store tends to have excess dye left in the fabric that will mostly come out with the first few times it’s washed. Avoid this problem, wash them a few times to remove the excess dye and chemicals from the shirt and avoid using your light colored bra at first or wear a camisole on top of the bra.

Over Exposure to Sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight when drying your bra, as it will bleach out the color of your bra and appear faded. This Is caused by the UV light that hits your bra. Make sure to hang your bra for drying  on a shaded area. Unless you want white bras to look whiter, that works. Remember to avoid straps from the metal wire as it cooks the rubber once it heats up being exposed to the heat of the sun.

Not Washing Bras Regularly Enough

Be sure to wash and dry your bras more often to get body oils and general dirt out before they have the chance to build up and hard to remove and make a mark on your bra. Ideally, make sure to wash sports bras that have been sweated on must be washed immediately or at least on the same day. For other bras, it’s ok to repeat them 2 times if you have not been into extraneous activities, before you wash them.

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