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5 Ways to Honor Your Inner Glow

Becoming a mother was the most powerful and transformative events in my life. The moment I confirmed my pregnancy set me on a course to not only discover more of myself and my glow power, but to embark on a journey that would help other women locally and globally take charge of their wellbeing and maintain their radiance during pregnancy and beyond. I am the proud single mother of a 12 year old boy Dj Fulano.

So often in my work I see women who are driven, hustling, making a difference in this world- but not extending that same energy and compassion to themselves. This is the month of love. I’m asking you to consider Valentine’s Day and be your own Valentine. 

Every day you extend yourself and over-extend in most cases out of pure love and necessity. But what is left when you give so much to others before filling yourself up? How can you be the powerful light you were intended to be in this world if you don’t take care of yourself?

When you align your body, mind and inner goddess above all else, you not only set the tone for your day, but your personal practice can help you support others in your life. Your actions speak of how important you view yourself; how much you love and honor your relationship with self.

5 Glow Tips for Honoring Your Inner Glow

Make Glow Time a priority– Glow time is a radical self care practice- whether that’s taking time for meditation, getting a massage, a foot rub, facial, having brunch with a friend, whatever helps you to relax and feel rejuvenated. It’s all about recharging the batteries- what makes you feel your most radiant.

Move your Body- So many of us get stuck in our routines and forget that functional movement is really important to maintain a healthy happy body. You don’t have to join a gym- in fact you shouldn’t relegate your fitness to the gym alone. Blast some Beyoncé in your living room and dance for 30 minutes, or try something sexy like an S- Factor pole class which will boost endorphins…and libido.

Try Phone Fasting- Tune all the digital chatter out of your life for this one day. If the thought gives you a panic attack, then try half a day. Phone-fasting includes iPads, computers, video games, etc. Take that time to tune inward, be with yourself, with family, go for a run, play frisbee in the park, really experience that breakfast in bed, write a letter to yourself, spend time doing what you love with who you love, and take time to appreciate the precious moment that is the present.

Nix Multitasking- Women are masterful multi-taskers. This skill probably evolved from ancestral times, when we were in the cave, stirring a pot with one hand and fighting off a wild animal with another, all the while balancing a happy baby on one hip. With the busy, high-speed lives we are leading, we are often forced to complete multiple duties at the same time.

We over-schedule, over-commit, overeat, and go to bed so late we oversleep. Much of our modern stress is caused by a feeling that time is escaping us and we are racing through life just trying to get everything done. One really important lesson I learned during pregnancy and early postpartum was to slow down and do one thing at a time and delegate tasks.

Express your inner Goddess- we all have an archetype we identify with or admire with qualities that we want to amplify in ourselves. I want you to play dress up. Pull some items from your wardrobe or treat yourself to some new ones that evoke within you your own inner goddess, it might be a pair of stilettos, or a hand dyed scarf, a bracelet or a pendant etc. When we adorn ourselves we feel powerful.

StickeeBra believes in always improving ourselves, healthy and happy living, as well as maintaining close relationships with our family, partner and friends. Without the support of our loved ones, there wouldn't be us here today.

This coming Valentines, take the opportunity to thank them, and remind them that they are always on your mind.



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