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5 Habits that can promote Body Odor and 5 Natural Remedies To Fix It


I wonder sometimes how people can cruise through life completely unaware of their dreadful B.O. Because, you know… surely you’d do something about it, right? Body odor is a major concern for some people. People react to scents, sometimes you get compliments, but sometimes you get negative facial reactions. In those cases, it may make us feel uncomfortable or even may hurt us on how people react to us. A person’s smell can attract or repel us, and sometimes we may not be aware that we are attracted by the smell of the person.

We may have some habits that cause body odor, therefore it is important to know what causes body odor and how to prevent them.

5 Habits that may cause body odor

There are reasons why a person has strong body odor, but most of these causes are because of lifestyle and habits. The following encourage body odor, especially underarm odor.

1. Not Bathing Regularly

Obviously, this is pretty common and needs no explanation. We all know that if you haven’t bathed for days, you are sweaty, soiled and you are a breeding ground for microbes that multiply abundantly which produce stinky chemicals that ultimately make you smell really repulsive.

2. Clothing Habits

Microbes love to breed in damp and moist areas. Clothes, if folded or crumpled up and kept while still damp, Is a great breeding ground for them. Wearing them soaked  with sweat can make you badly stink.

3. Dietary Habits

If you practice good hygiene, yet you are troubled by bad body odor, your diet may be the contributing factor. People react differently to the food they eat, but consuming foods like garlic, red meat, curry, cabbage, etc. can change your body odor.

4. Alcoholism

Excessive alcohol drinking can cause body odor. Most of the alcohol drinkers cover their breath with mints. But most of them don’t realize that the odor comes from their skin pores too. Only 90% of the alcohol consumed is metabolized by the body, the remaining is excreted through different ways, including the sweat pores.

5. Smoking

Not everyone enjoy the smell of smoke. Smokers develop a distinct body odor, as tobacco mixes with their body chemistry and creates not just bad breath, but body odor too. Second hand smoke can also cause similar problems, as the smell of smoke can cling to your body and clothes.

5 Effective and Natural Remedies

The human body has two types of sweat glands. The apocrine glands are located in the underarms, genitals, and around the nipples. The eccrine glands are found in the underarms, hands, and feet. The bacteria, ever present on our skin, multiply rapidly in damp, sweaty environments, and they produce chemicals that have an unpleasant odor. The key to controlling body odor is to control the environment in which these bacteria live.

Rather than resort to perfumes to cover up body odor, try out these five home remedies for body odor that will leave you feeling healthy, clean, and fresh.

1. Take a bath regularly

Taking a bath regularly and be sure to use an anti-bacterial soap and wash off all the oil and sweat from your body, together with the bacteria clinging on them.

2. Keep Calm

Stress stimulates the sweat glands. Anxiety and fear cause emotional sweating. So to avoid body odor, you need to stay calm, cool, and collected.

3. Keep Dry

Now we know that damp areas are a home for bacteria. So, make sure to keep yourself dry. Wear cotton undershirts and get a good antiperspirant. It will help you stay dry by blocking the sweat glands, thus reducing the bad bacteria.

4. Watch What You Put in Your Body

As described in the causes, what goes into your body usually affects your body odor. So to improve your body and underarm odor, it’s best to limit your smoking habits, alcohol consumption, and the intake of strong smelling foods like onions and garlic, especially before a romantic date.

5. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, or even the simple white variety, can make your skin anti-bacterial by lowering the pH level of the skin. Splash some on your skin or underarms just after your shower and this will help keep away the body odor, as the bacteria cannot thrive in an acidic environment.


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