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21 things every woman should keep in her bag


I hate that feeling when you need something and can’t find it. If you are caught in a situation and you need that tool and you don’t have that in your bag. You then make a thought “I could have brought a…” or “I wish someone can hand me a…”  But you’ll never know what will happen so you’d know what to bring. There are things that you can live with things that you can’t live without. There are times you can let it pass, and there are situation that you can’t let it pass. For example, you, accidentally torn your pants, you wish you just have a needle and thread. When you are in this kind of situation, you wished someone could save you.

So here are few things Women must have in their bags that could save your day.

 Tissue/Wet Wipes

I guess everyone has tissue or a wet wipes in their bags. We always need to wipe something from time to time during the day. You’ll need to wipe you face, hands, shoes and when nature calls… Or if you are a little paranoid about things you hold, like in the train or bus or the toilet seat… Or when you need to sneeze. So don’t go out without it.


If you can’t l live with dry skin, take a moisturizer with you. One for the face, and one for hand.

Hand Sanitizer

If you are paranoid about catching bacteria from things that having been touched more than 100 times and never wiped down, like a grocery card handle or the stair handle. You can’t imagine what bacteria are you going to get from it. So before you go eat your next meal, it’s good to sanitize your hand first.

Power Bank

If you drain your phone battery most often during the day, you need some power back up.


If you are a music lover, headphones are your buddy. It can help you through the wait for your next stop or while you are walking to your office. You can listen to podcast while you are in the train or bus or just to cover your ears from the outside noise and you just close your eyes and you can feel alone.

Pen and Notebook

Sometimes, you feel that you need to write something, like Ideas, sketch, scribble, check list or notes. When you write faster than typing on your phone, When you need to write something that you don’t want to forget., having a notebook can be very useful in writing stuff.

A good book

Sometimes you can be caught up in a boring situation or a cancelled appointment and you have another hour to spare. Reading a book can be a good thing to do.


For those who hate glare, always keep a sunglass in your bag. It can also be protection from the sun and avoiding crow’s feet.

Chewing gum/mints

Having fresh breath is always good. How much do you hate it when someone has to speak to you after eating tuna for lunch? Don’t make the same mistake yourself.

Business cards

This is probably specific to my line of work, but you never know when you'll run into a good contact!

A Make-up Touch up Kit

You can’t just take everything from your drawer but there are available compact make up or dual purpose make up kits that you can take with you to save some space in your bag.

Sewing Kit

When you got wardrobe malfunction, you wish someone can help you. When you tear pants, which commonly happen. You just need a needle and thread and you can be saved. Duct tape can do that too.

Hair Items

Having some bobby pins, rubber band, hairbands are just small stuff that you can put in your band. But it’s just there in case you need a hair fix for a quick important meeting, or if you need to keep your hair for a ride.


There are a lot of reasons why you might be having headaches, can damper your entire day.  Having a travel size pill kit of aspirin, you can get back to what you are working on that you need to.

Lighter / Match

Even you are not a smoker, having a match or a lighter can be used in emergency situation. From lighting a candle to burning off stray threads on your clothes. Or in case you can get stranded, you can build fire to warm you or to make a smoke signal.

Cash (at least $20)

Always keep at least $20 bill in your bag or if you have some cash stash. You are going to need small bills at all times. In case you lose your wallet you always have a spare at least for a cab ride going home.

Compact Mirror

At times you have something in your eye, you need a mirror. It’s handy to have a small compact mirror in your bag just to get a little view of things like your face. You can also use the mirror to make an emergency signal to ask for help.

Tampon / Pad

Not only for those red days, but a pad can also be helpful in emergency situations. It can be used as a sanitized bandage for cuts and wounds. Soak up blood from your nose quickly using a tampon.


Having a healthy snack like a granola bar in your bag can save you from attacking McDonald’s, when you feel a little hungry and you have nothing to bite, you go to a fast food and you end up ordering more than you need to eat.


Small cuts can happen here and there, so it’s handy to have band aids in your bag. Just in case you cut yourself, you need a clean band aid to cover them to avoid infections.

Roll on Perfume

When it’s sunny and you are on the go, it’s expected that you may also smell like your surroundings. You may step up your freshening up to the next level by having a small bottle of perfume.


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