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16 High Heel Hacks Every Woman Should Know

High heels not only give you elevate your height but also uplift woman’s confidence, sexy and stylish but not without a price.  It will cost you blisters, aches and pains but we ignore these just to have that confidence and just accept the side effects of wearing heels. But, since we are still wearing heels, probably it is still worth wearing heels. If it does, you don’t have to suffer for your style. There are always hacks to solve these problems or at least reduce the discomfort or pain of wearing heels.

Lessen the nerve pain

There is a secret to reduce pain while you enjoy wearing heels. By taping the third and fourth toes together to alleviate the pain from wearing high heels. There’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put on it. The tape helps to remove the strain on the nerve.

Easy Suede Cleaning

Delicate suede shoes dirty so easily. It can also be cleaned easily a day-old crusty bread, just rub it on the dirt and it will clean your suede shoes.

A Comfortable High Heel

It have been long popular that Wedges is the most comfortable kind of heels, but there’s a new set of shoes that complete the comfortability of wedges; heels with straps, ties or buckles. They provide your ankles an extra support to prevent your feet from slipping out so you can wear your stilettoes safely.

Heal Sore Feet

Feet expert recommends not wearing heels more than two consecutive days  and at least take a day in between to give your feet a rest.

Prevent Corns and Calluses

Due to constant rubbing to the shoes, it develops into corns, calluses and blisters. With a soft moleskin or a soft cotton flannel can prevent this injuries  by putting then on areas where these injuries occur acting as a protective second skin to your feet. 

Make Old Shoes Look New

Some heels are made of delicate fabric that can get scratchy over time. Don’t dread, it can still be used by renewing it. Instead of throwing out a damaged pair, cover the heels with glitter and they’ll seem like new. 

 Fix Scratches

Make scratches on your leather shoes disappear like magic by rubbing a dab of moisturizer on them.

 Maximize Comfort

Slip a pair of gel insoles into your high heels to maximize comfort. It makes a world of difference.

Watch the Slope

Look into heels that have a gradual slope instead of some of the 4 inch heels which give you a straight down drop to the flatbed portion of the shoe.

More Stability

Wear a thicker heel for stability to help relieve some pressure by distributing the weight on your foot more evenly allow better balance.

Keep you From Sliding Off

Stick a sand paper at the sole of your shoes to rough up the button for more extra grip and keeping you from pushing your toes to the tip.

Open Toe Heels

An open-toe heel relieves pressure on corns and calluses. Correct the problem that is causing  corns and calluses and have them removed. Open toe shoes will help to keep the pressure off the inflamed areas of your feet.

Stretch Out a Tight Heel

Place a bag of water in each shoe and leaving then in the freezer overnight. As the water turn into ice, it expands as well as your shoes.

Prevent Sweaty Feet

Use dry shampoo to prevent your shoes from getting moist from foot sweat. The dry shampoo will work like antiperspirant.

Squeaky Shoes

Talcum powder or baby powder can be a great hack for squeaky shoes. First, locate where the squeak is coming from by walking around in your shoes in a quiet area.

Prevent Blisters with Deodorant

Before stepping out in a new pair of high heels, rub clear-gel deodorant on the spots prone to blistering. It will help to ease the friction between your feet and the shoes and prevent blisters from appearing.

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