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16 Bra Types Every Woman Should Know About

The ultimate guide to every bra style and when you should wear it.

 If you’ve ever walked through the lingerie department and saw a rack of contraptions, straps and cups, you’d know they are bras. Maybe you’ve wondered for once, why is there lot of forms and what are those for? I happen to have once wondered about a type of bra that I first time saw it in the racks. “What are those for?”

Some bras are made for certain outfit or boob type or for a purpose. Learning about the different bra types and shapes can help revamp your entire wardrobe. Unless your work requires a uniform that you wear daily.

The bra is one of the things that is hard to find a fit, the numbers are even more confusing, the style also must conform with your chosen outfit. But if you select the right bra, it can seriously take your comfort and confidence to the next level. A well-fitted bra can totally make or break an outfit.

From demi cups, bandeaus, to Kim Kardashian’s boob tape! Let’s break it down, because learning is fun!

1.    Convertible bra

A so called an important piece in every woman’s wardrobe. As the name says, it’s convertible, they come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share a common goal of versatility. The Straps can usually be removable or disconnected to transform the bra into a halter, racerback or even criss-cross strap. Hmmmm… It’s just a bra that you can “Lego” the straps. Might as well use No.3 , why not? 

 2. Demi cup bra

This bra covers roughly half of your breast, and lifts your girls. It’s a great cut for most breast sizes and shapes, but doesn’t provide the best support if you’re very well endowed. This is great if you want to show off some cleavage (if you are blessed) or if you are wearing low or wide collar line outfits. But Straps and bands could still be a problem, why not skip to the next bra. wink wink! 

3. Adhesive bra

Every woman needs an adhesive bra in her chest of drawers, since the bra provides support in even the most revealing fashions. Adhesive bras are typically backless, strapless and made of silicone. They use medical grade adhesive to bind the lift right to your body. Check out the best Adhesive bras! 

 4. Push-up bra

Just like the demi cup but it lifts your breast to the center and create a cleavage effect, but with the added help of a padding and an underwire. Some say, women with smaller breast appreciate the power of the push-up bra – and it is great for women with asymmetrical breast as long as the padding is removable on one side. Although, the underwire can be painful for you, why not scroll up! hehe!

5. Mastectomy bra

The mastectomy bra is a must-have for women who have gone through a mastectomy and would like a breast prosthesis. The bra is specially fitted for each woman, and it has pockets to hold one or two breast prostheses. 

 6. Balconette bra

From the word Balcony, think demi cup with added shelf action. Like it scoops your boobs from the bottom and push it up instead to the center and the style reveals the top part of the breast. It is sexy and supportive option for medium size-boob women. But you know what's better? A chicken cutlet bra! Similar to No.3 haha!

 7. Nursing bra

This bra is a must-have if you are planning or nursing your baby. The nursing bra provides ample support with the wide bands and soft cups. Typically comes with a flap that you can open for easy access for breast feeding your baby. Once you're done with your mammary duties, try No.3, you'll love it. wink wink! 

 8. Full cup bra

Obviously, the name itself says it all. It covers the entire breast and the support is excellent and shaping through both the cups and straps. Mostly this is for large breasts women. More like a sauna suite for boobs! at this point, you'll know what I'll suggest!  hihihi 

 9. Deep plunge bra

If you are trying to work out a deep plunging neck line dress, this is the bra that you want to wear. The venter of the bra dips down like a V or U shape, and the breast are supported by padding that pushes them up for a cleavage effect. Adhesive Lacing is better.. LOL! 

 10. Sports bra

Clearly this is more like a tight spandex sleeveless shirt that hugs your upper torso and boobs together to provide a full support while you are doing strenuous activity and keep your breast in place. Hmmm... No.3 can be used as rubber stretch band while you doing your exercise. LOL! 

 11. Bandeau bra

It is a simple piece if fabric just like what the ancient women use to cover their breast, but the modern bandeau uses elastic cloth that wraps around the bust. This is best suited for small breasted woman which do not need much support and needs only to cover it. They're a great substitute for a tank top or cami that you might wear underneath a sweater or sundress. This leaves no lift and cleavage,  No.3 can work some cleavage under this bandeau! try it! 

 12. Strapless bra

It’s just a bra without should straps, it carries the negative reputation of falling off and wardrobe malfunction. But others can work it and find ways to keep it up, this is good for backless dress and other sexy dress that you want to have a braless look. It’s not totally strapless as the back straps are still there to hold the bra in place as possible as it could. Women of all breast sizes can benefit from the joys of hoisting a strapless bra up from the waistline all damn day. Looking for a full strapless bra? No.3. it's a better choice.

 13. Minimizing bra

The minimizer is cut like a full-cup bra, but it changes the appearance of large breasts by redistributing breast tissue, so they appear smaller. Why? hahaha! 

14. Shelf bra

If you need to show off some things, you need to put it in the shelf. This is the shelf for your boobs. It's like a balconette bra, but it leaves all or part of the areola bare. It's best for women with small- to medium-sized breasts. Might as well don't wear one! 

15. T-shirt bra

The T-shirt bra is cut like a demi or a full-cup bra, but it is free of seams or fabrics that create unsightly lines under a tight T-shirt. T-shirt bras are comfortable, and they're available for women in all sizes and shapes. 

 16. Bralette

The bralette is a pretty, lacy bra that is wireless and usually doesn't have padded cups. It's a comfortable bra best worn with your Netflix and chill outfits or with any casual weekend wear. You can also wear it with loose tank tops. I know I'm annoying, but you'll never regret trying out No.3 hahaha!


Thank you for reading up to this point, we hope we have shared a valuable information and that learning about bra styles has been fun! But no kidding! Try Stickeebra! you'll love it! hahaha! 

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