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15 Minor Home Repair Hacks You Should Learn to Keep your Home Looking Beautiful

If there is something damaged around your house, it can be a pain. If it’s a minor damage, sometimes, you just leave it off for weeks until it gets worse. Otherwise, you call a fix it guy if you have a lot of money to spend on such small repairs.

Some of us are those who are independent and intuitive that they can fix things at home. Sometimes it leads to a bigger mess.

But you can stop worrying now. We have compiled 15 usual small issues that you can repair yourself and keeping your home nice and beautiful.


1. Squeaky doors

Don’t sweat! You just need Oil it. Get your cooking spray and point-and-spray on the hinges, give it a little swivel and then wipe the extra oil. You’re done!

2. Spot a Leaky Toilet

No wonder kool-aid still exist until now. It doesn’t just taste good, but also has a lot of help on leaky toilet. Just pour kool-aid at your toilet water tank and wait for an hour. If the water change color on the toilet bowl, then you have a leaky toilet.

3. No loose screws

If you are repairing a furniture who happen to lose some screws because it no longer holds the grooves of the screw itself. All you need to do is to paint a clear nail polish around the screw and screw it in your furniture. Once it dries, no more loose screws.

4. Small holes on the wall

If your kids accidentally hit the wall with their toys specially darts and cause a hole in the wall, you may think of a messy solution, Plaster. But instead, simply take a crayon that matches the wall color and fill it by putting pressure on the hole with a crayon.  

5. If you Don’t have crayons try Soap

If you don’t have crayons that you can use because your kids just love them, make use of a bar soap to patch nail holes. Rub it against the hole in circular motion.

6. Caulk Edge with no Mess

Sealing edges can be messing with the caulking gun. A tape can be very useful in achieving a straight edge like magic. Use a tape to guide the edges of the sealant and while it is still wet, remove the tape to get a straight edge. Like a pro!

7. Removing Broken Bulb

It’s hazardous to remove a broken bulb from the socket. You can get cut or electrocuted. Simply use a half potato and twist the broken bulb with the potato. Make sure to turn off the switch before doing this hack.

8. Remove Stripped screws

Stripped screws are pretty common problem at home, especially when dealing with furniture. To remove Strip screws, simply place a rubber band on top of the stripped screw to create a friction. This will help the screw to come out easier.

9. Slamming doors

 Again, don’t sweat it. Slamming doors are easier to fix than you think. Simply just stick a cabinet door bumper on the door jam and the door so it won’t slam when you close it.

10. Silence a Squeaky floor

If you have a wooden floor, a squeak is common. This is because of two boards rubbing together. Simply just put a baby powder in between the two squeaky boards to silence them.

11. Carpet Dents

Carpet dents can be annoying, especially when you removed the furniture that use to be there. It’s like there is a phantom furniture there. Simply, put ice on the dents and wait for it to melt and it will fix the problem.

12. Wood Dents

Speaking of dents, this time on wood. Just simply wet the dented wood with a bit of water and put a moist towel over it. Iron the towel in circular motion while on the dented wood.

13. Drawings on walls

Kids love to draw on walls, even you love them doing that because you support their art. But if they run out of walls they might be drawing an entire house of scribbles. Remove their scribbles with DW-40 if your walls are not painted with a flat or matte paint.

14. Cleaning the grout

The grout in the middle of your tiles catches dirt easily than the tiles. And they tend to be noticed easily as well. Simply pour a toilet cleaner and let it sit for 15 minutes and then brush it with a floor brush and it’s white again.

15. Screen holes

Kids like to poke holes on your screen doors with pencils. Use a clear nail polish to patch holes and it will act as an invisible glue. This works smaller wholes. For big holes, you’ll have to replace the entire screen.  

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