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15 Interesting Kitchen Hacks For Easy Kitchen Life


We all want to do things Easy and smooth in the Kitchen. Cooking takes a lot of time and only a few enjoys the process. Here are a few kitchen hacks that might just help you make an smooth post procedure. 


1. Potato Oxidation

Just like apples, when you slice them they turn into brownish color because of oxidation. This happens to to potatoes as well. The potatoes emit a starch that results in oxidization. All you need to do is add the cut, peeled or shredded potatoes to a bowl of cold water. This will prevent it from oxidation and you can cook them freshly looking. 

2. Prevent Bananas from Ripening Faster

Bananas ripen really fast once they are taken down from the tree. Tho, the riper the banana, the better it is for cancer, according to a research. But if you want your banana to last longer in the table, wrap the end of the bunch with a cling wrap or film. This will prevent those ethylene gases that promote quick ripening.


3. Salvaging Cut Fruits

A bowl of cut fruits can be the quickest food you can serve to your friends. The thing about fruits when they are left sliced, they can oxidized and turn brown. If you want to salvage those untouched fruits A little squeeze of lemon and a mixture of honey and water in 1:2 ratio  will prevent the fruits from turning brown. In this trick, you can still serve the fruits and save them for the next visitors.

4. Crack an Egg 

It may be simple cracking an egg from its shell, but if you don't do it right, you will end up with a crunchy scrambled egg. All you need to do is use a bigger bit of the shell  and scoop out the bit from your egg mix. 

5. Off With The Oil

If you want to remove some extra grease from your sauce, stew or stocks, Just wrap an ice cube in a paper napkin or cheese cloth and skim through the surface. The ice solidifies the fat and makes it really easy to remove. 

6. Onion Tears

Cutting onions is almost like a nightmare! It instantly gets your tear glands to work. We’ve got two solutions for this:

  1. Toss your onions into the freezer before you chop them. But make sure you use this hack only if you are chopping the onions in advance, or else your onions will get a bit soggy once they are cooked.
  2. Hold a slice of bread between your teeth, such that a little bit of it sticks out. The bread absorbs all the irritant gases before they reach the eyes. The clowning is worth it!

7. Soften the butter 

While doing your chores, thawing out the butter before breakfast is mostly forgotten. Just cut some butter and wrap it with a cloth and use a rolling pin to go over it and it will soften it up instantly. 

8. Brewed Coffee

If you love brewed coffee but you don't have the equipment? Just add the ground coffee to water and bring it to a boil. remove the film and let it rest for a few minutes, until the ground coffee settles at the bottom. Using a ladle, gently pour the decoction into cups – and your coffee is ready to serve!

9. Birthday Cake hack

A birthday cake can last for days, just make sure to cut it strategically. Make a slice across the cake from the middle and serve it on a plate, push the cake to the center so the exposed parts will be closed to each other. No more exposed cake . The next time you want a slice, just do the same on the other side of the cake. 

10. Herbalicious

It’s always painful to keep herbs fresh, let alone extend their shelf life. Next time, chop the herbs and add them to a mixture of water and a few drops of olive oil. Pour into an ice tray and freeze. Let it melt and you will have freshly chopped herbs ready to use.

11. Nutty 

Crispy nuts tend to go rancid at room temperature, they lose their freshness and taste. To keep all the oils intact, keep them in the freezer with the shells. 

12. Smelly Hands?

After cooking a delicious meal, you don't want your hands to smell uncooked or raw meat, fish or even spice. It's amazing how Stainless steel can remove awful smells from your hands. Just rub a lemon juice, baking soda and a piece of stainless steel and the smell will be gone in a jiffy.

13. Clean Veggies

Wash and gently scrub your veggies with baking soda and water before cooking them, this will not only clean your veggies from dirt, it will also remove the pesticides and will look appetizing after. 

14. Recipe while cooking

When you are cooking something from a cookbook, use a pant hanger and hang it somewhere eye level. This will clear off your table and have easy access to the recipe.

15. Knives

Always remember that a sharp knife is a safe knife. Make sure you keep the blades facing upward when you store your knives on a block. That will make sure they remain shiny. Also, use the blunt edge of the knife to slide food off the chopping board. This will help keep the sharp edges intact.

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