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15 Hacks to Keep Your Home Safe


Your home is the safest place you can be, and us much as you make it safe for you and your family, it does not have to be hard and expensive.

These home security hacks aren’t all that complicated to implement, and they really do increase the likelihood a criminal will take a pass on trying to break into your home and choose an easier target.

Here are some Home Safety Hacks you can do at home.

 Spare key are no secret

Anyone who leaves their spare keys under the door mat, on the flower pot, under the rock next to your door or under the Gnome, thinks they are being clever. Guess what, criminal know to look for these, and many cases criminals will observe you over a few days and notice your habits. They’ll know if you are leaving spare keys.

If you really want to leave a spare key, don’t make it convenient and hide your keys that only you will find. Your best bet is to hide it in a place where it is least expected and with coded lock. Maybe, behind a dummy electricity sockets.

Natural Barriers

 Have you seen a house with plants underneath the windows that looks like they came straight from the gates of hell? Plants can be very useful, not only as ornaments but it works as barriers to your windows.  It is very effective in deterring entry into your home.Plants like Holly, thistles, rugosa rosebushes, bougainvillea, blackberry vines etc. are enough to keep some criminals out of your house.

Man’s Best Friend

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend and it is your best guard and your best alarm. Just the sound of a dog barking can be enough to send some criminals running. On top of that having a Dog in the house will give you advance warning if something’s going on in the house that isn’t supposed to. Even a tiny little chihuahua is enough to cause enough ruckus to get you out of a deep sleep and in a place where you could help defend your home.

Light up

Criminals thrive in the darkness, because they don’t want anybody to see their identity. Motion Sensor lights can be a good choice because they save you money, and it also add an element of surprise. They would think someone notice their presence and woke up and turned on the lights. Criminals will ward off your property and keep you away from further trouble.  If you have CCTV’s it’s good to have those areas well lighted for detailed picture of whoever comes in the shot.

Strong Doors

The doors are the easiest way in to your home. If criminals can break them with one kick, you’re in big trouble. Make sure your doors are strong enough to keep people outside while it is close. There are several things you can do to strengthen your door. Install a strong long-throw deadbolt on your door or multiple locks if you please. 

Communicate with the Post office

If you are going out of town for a few days, let the post office know and they will place a hold on your mail. That goes with your newspaper too. Criminals will know that no one is home if they see uncollected newspapers at your door step.

If you have packages or other items not controlled by the USPS it’s always helpful to have neighbors collect those for you so they’re not sitting outside advertising you’re not going to be home for a while.

Close blinds and hide your stuff

It’s not a good idea to let your expensive things visible in the window, as this is very inviting to criminals. Keep your blinds closed and when you are not at  home to keep your valuables hidden, it is a good communication to thieves that there is nothing here to take.

 Secure windows and sliding glass doors

The front door is the most common entry point in a break in. As you can guess the second most common are going to be the windows and other doors.If possible, place something to block the window from sliding up or to the side like a wooden rod to keep it safely in place to where it can’t be shifted.

Enlist your neighbor’s help

Your neighbor can be your greatest lifeline when it comes to securing your home secure your home. They can, collect your packages, take out the track and shovel walk way during winter. They will let you know if they ever see any suspicious activity around your home. They can be your eyes from the outside of your home.

Never keep your address with your keys

You won’t believe some people put address in your keys.  While we understand you’d want your keys returned to you, just wish the one who find it is an honest person. But if on a different situation you might get your house robbed for free.

Warning signs

It is good to put some warning signs outside your house to discourage any bad intentions. Signs like beware of dogs, Caution keep out or a sign that your house is being monitored by alarm and security cameras. This makes thieves skip your house and consider it a difficult target.

 Use cameras on your property

Thieves are not fans of being caught. Cameras greatly increase the chances a criminal is going to get caught in the act. CCTV systems today are affordable, easy to use, and provide you with the kind of high quality video you’ll need to capture evidence on a criminal. When a criminal sees a camera in the house this will ward off their intentions to rob your house.

Get a security system


I think security systems are a great idea, but not for the reason most security companies advertise their usefulness. Having a Security system in the house can alert you when an intruder is in your house and they can sound the alarm and scare an intruder away. Motion sensors and door and window sensors are the way to go because they create a barrier around your home.

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Amber Nichole Simpson on June 16 2018 at 05:02PM

Thank you for posting these safety tips, my mom is new to living alone and actually wanted to stick her spare key on the mailbox that is located right next to the door!!! I’m def going to go over this article with her to help her gets some tips!!! Thanks again!!!

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