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15 Creative Life Hacks You’d Never Think Of in your lifetime.

We have a lot of things lying around the house and it eats up space. Might as well make use of them creatively other than their main purpose. 

#1 If you can’t afford a thermal bottle or if you find it too heavy to carry around, here’s a trick to keep your water ice cold. Fill your bottle with water half way and lay it on its side in the freezer the night before.  In the morning, fill the other half of the bottle with cold water. This works with juices or iced coffee too!

#2 Putting on a bracelet can be like cat and mouse, it’s hard to hook to the other end of the bracelet. Use a paper clip to keep the other end of the bracelet in place so you can reach and hook it.

#3 If you are fund with Legos, there are a lot of more usual things other than being a toy. Use a Lego as a keychain and you can hang it on Lego key holders!

#4 Doors and chairs are prone to scuffs and scratches, they don’t look nice and makes the furniture look old. Worry no more! Try rubbing a walnut onto the damage areas to make it look brand new.

#5 One way to save space if you don’t have much, use a folding chair so you can hang them if you don’t need chair a certain time and take it down when you have guests.

#6 White shoes can easily get dirty and it ruins your white shoes look. However, you can make it white again with the help of household cleaner.

#7 Is your garage has a tight space and you always bump your door when you open it. A pool noodle can be helpful. Attach it to the wall where you always hit your car door and it will prevent it from slamming against it..

#8 Don’t throw your old ladders that you use to paint your house. It can be used as a cool rustic bookshelf by adding panels to the levels of the ladder, and you can add some decor too.

#9 Or you can mount it horizontally on the wall and use it as a shelf as well.

#10 An old rake can also be used as a rustic wine holder, I’m sure you have never thought of that.

#11 If you have old seat belts that you had just replaced. Don’t throw them away. You can turn them into quick release key holders. They are secure and quick to get and looks nice too.

#12 If your kids have grown out of their crib and you don’t have plans to add more babies, turn the crib into a special study/play desk for your kids.

#13 Do you have old wine bottles laying around? Did you know you can combine them with some lights to create a nice chandelier for a good ambiance in your living room or kitchen.

#14 Do you often cut yourself opening those plastic sealed packages? It hurts your hands while using scissors too? Try using a can opener to ease the process.

#15 Don’t let your toothbrush touch any dirty counters specially when you are traveling. A clothes pin can be very useful to hold your toothbrush and use it as a stand.


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