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10 Amazing Bods That Will Motivate Everyone

It’s not hard to understand why the fitness industry is so hot right now, with the rise of the internet and social media, the world of fitness grew alongside the upward trend of technology. Back in the day, so many people lacked motivation because they simply didn’t have anyone to look up to or anything at there disposal in terms of fitness information, besides personal trainers.

Well, today that’s all changed and the uprising has caused the world of fitness to be on the upswing and hotter than ever before. Today, motivation is pretty much around every corner, whether it be through Instagram, YouTube or various other social media platforms. The motivation and education is higher than ever before and we should truly be grateful for all the pioneers that broke this mold and took the time to properly educate us about fitness.

In this article, we will document some women that not only motivate you to be great but will have running to the gym ASAP. We’re going to take a look at how they got into shape by examining their diets and fitness routines.

Enjoy this list of 10 women that will have you sprinting to the gym!

10. Gigi Hadid

Never mind running, this Sports Illustrated model will have you sprinting to the gym. Still only 21 years of age, Hadid has become one of the most popular models on the planet. She’s been modelling since the age of two and has been featured in just about anything you read that pertains to fashion or celebrity bodies you wish you had. Her social media following isn’t too shabby either, she’s followed by over 23 million, it’s pretty clear, she’s quite popular.

So now to the real question, “what do I need to do to look like that?” Like other models, Hadid follows a healthy diet year round. Her main focus in terms of staying fit today is actually boxing, the sport provides tremendous cardio and muscle building as well.

Other than throwing punches, Gigi also performs a variety of body weight movements which increases the intensity of her workouts even more.

9. Emily Ratajkowski

She started off with a promising modeling career but her stock would skyrocket following Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video which she was featured in. The song was the hit of the year and the content in the video made Emily a global star. Before she knew it, Emily was appearing in movies and TV shows. Her rise to fame was quick and she is still taking in all of the benefits at the young age of 25.

Her look basically drove her superstardom, so you probably want to know what she does to look like that. Diet wise, she keeps things very basic, eating high protein foods. She also enjoys freshly squeezed juices like beet juice.

Fitness wise believe it or not, she does not have a trainer and rarely works out. She instead looks the way she does because of her activity levels, Emily enjoys long walks and hikes with her girlfriends. Other than that, her fitness involvement is surprisingly limited.

So basically, she’ll have you running to the gym, but not in it…

8. Candice Swanepoel

Victoria Secret model, check. Almost 10 million followers on Instagram, check. Perfectly sculpted body from head to toe, check. Chances of you sprinting out of your house and running to the gym after reading that, I think we can add another check!

In terms of staying toned, the South African native has focused on a variety of routines, some of which include both a combo of ballet and Ariel Yoga. The combination has helped with her slender physique throughout the years. In terms of exercises, she performs a variety of body weight movements.

As for food, she admits she doesn’t stress all that much considering she has “God like” genetics. Although she does crave meat and high protein meals, which is essential following a rigorous workout, especially one that features a variety of yoga, acrobatics and body weight movements. It is key to refuel properly following these types of workouts or any exercise session for that matter.

Final thoughts to sum up; meat good, yoga good, aerobics good. Now get your gym bag and start running!

7. Nicole Scherzinger

Remarkable how Nicole Scherzinger is set to enter her 40s while still looking stunning and slimmer than ever.

The LA resident and platinum recording artist actually struggled with her diet early on even when she was in the midst of all her glory. Nicole admittedly took on some crash diets in which she literally “crashed” and could not keep up. The diet led to depression and binge eating which put a halt to her progress.

She later switched to a more conventional approach which featured everything from healthy fats, carbs and proteins. Using this system was far more effective and songstress still uses these elements in her diet.

Workout wise, she loves to switch things up doing a variety of different workouts from circuit training to HIIT cardio sessions. Nowadays like Aniston, she loves to perform yoga movements and all the calmness that comes with it. Especially for celebs, they can certainly benefit from yoga sessions.

So to sum up with Nicole; ladies run to the yoga studio asap.

6. Maria Menounos

If you want to look like Maria by the age of 38, grab your bag and if you can’t find it, leave without it as you sprint to the gym, the place that she has created her fantastic body.

Like other celebrity fitness freaks, Maria loves to work out so make sure when you train it isn’t a burden and instead is something you actually enjoy doing it. If you’re new to fitness, build a relationship with it over time and before you know it, you’ll be hooked. Now back to Maria, she enjoys circuit type training which involves high intensity and high volume exercises. Her breaks are quite short, mixed with lots and lots of reps and super-sets, which means she incorporates another exercise following another without taking a break.

In terms of diet, she also keeps things very clean, starting off the day with a fresh smoothie that features a variety of fruits, almonds and Greek yogurt. Maria’s other meals are pretty basic and feature chicken or tuna along with a green salad or a quinoa salad.

5. Torrie Wilson

Not surprising but to be a WWE Superstar it takes a great deal of cardio and conditioning to pull off such a job. Oh and body wise, you must look pretty top of the line as well.

Former WWE star and ex-girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez, Torrie Wilson had the ideal body during her days as a pro wrestler. She already had a background in fitness when entering the wrestling industry as a fitness competitor. She grew extremely popular and would ultimately leave the world of the WWE.

Today, she is a huge fitness activist and looks stunning at the age of 41. Some believe she somehow looks better today than she did ten years ago which is really saying something about the way she handles herself day in and day out. Like other fit celebs, Wilson enjoys a variety of training techniques from yoga to classic weight lifting. Diet wise, Torrie loves her greens and proteins.

4. Teyana Taylor

With 3.7 million followers and a body that is idolized by so many people, how in the heck does Teyana manage to have such a great body? The answer will hurt you a little bit so you might be better off just running outside and not reading this part.

You still there?

Well, if you stuck around you’ll be astonished to know that Taylor actually follows a “lazy workout”. “Is that a code for a crazy workout name or something?” Sadly no. To be honest here, she doesn’t really workout ever at a gym. Her biggest source of activity is from dancing. She’s been doing it for years now so it’s not hard to realize why she looks so slim. Dance is a very underrated way to burn some calories, if you’re looking to burn outside of the gym then run to a dance class near you!

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim has had girls running to the gym for years now, most women likely stopped running when they reached the squat rack and spent an hour there trying to get that Kim like butt.

Even with her great booty Kim managed to lose 60 pounds during the summer which is quite remarkable and should have anyone running to the gym. After giving birth to her Saint West, Kim re-started her fitness journey and progressed incredibly well. Diet wise, she used the Atkins diet which is very easy and flexible to follow. The diet consists of solid proteins like eggs, chicken and fish along with high fibers and low carbohydrates.

Work out wise she pulled a page out of The Rock’s playbook by working out at 6 am every morning, now that takes some serious dedication. She used various workouts such as circuit training with both body weight and weighted exercises along with boxing sessions.

So if you don’t feel like running to the gym, you can always run to a local boxing facility, you’ll be sure to get in quite the workout there!

2. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe seems to be trending upwards constantly at the moment, even recently at LAX her body dazzled the media as she was looking better than ever. Her transformation over the years is inspirational to say the least and one that should have you running backwards to the gym, forget about a normal sprint.

She lost 40 pounds since her fitness commitment began, which leads us to our next question, how did she pull this remarkable transformation off? The answer, some good old fashion hard work both in and out of the gym. Out of the gym, Khloe keeps things very clean, consuming carbohydrates in the morning followed by proteins and healthy veggies throughout the day. Also very important, Khloe constantly stays hydrated, something many fitness goers neglect at times.

In the gym, Khloe loves high intensity workouts which feature both dumbbell and body weighted movements. She hits every body part and keeps the reps high and breaks short. Her type of workout will have you burning those calories in no time!

1. Jen Selter

Still only 23, it seems like Jen Selter has been dominating the fitness industry for years now becoming one of the most inspirational figures out there and one that many wish to be like.

Her personal fitness journey and crazy curves ultimately set her apart from everyone else, soon after she became the “it” influence.

While you’re sprinting to the gym, we can share some of her diet with you that even includes chicken and even pasta at times. Selter is very conditioned cardio wise so she’s not afraid to incorporate those types of foods from time to time. She also loves sushi.

In the gym, she keeps the cardio levels high, while performing dumbbell and barbell work on the regular. Not surprising, she also has a butt day which features an array of different types of squats with rep ranges between 10 and 15. She performs those glute movements two to three times a week.

Now if you haven’t already, get your stuff and run cause we are done!

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