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13 things your doctor wants you to know about your bra


Your bra could be giving your health problems in many ways.  It is important to make sure it fits properly.  If you need to get a good fitting bra, ask your bra fitter. But with regards to your health, a doctor is always reliable. Here’s what your doctor wants you to know about wearing a bra.

1. Wash your bra often

Wash your bra every few wears should be sufficient, but it does depend your activity level. For instance, if you are out on a sunny day and end up sweating a lot, you’d want to wash your bra sooner. But if you just wear your bra for a few hours to pick up some grocery, you can still wear it the next time.

2. Don’t wear a bra 2 days in a row

Let your bra breath and give the elastic strap some time to rest and reshape so it can last long and provide you better support.

3. Wear Sports bra during workouts

When you do exercise, workout or running, it is best that you should wear a sports bra. The Breast skin can stretch from bouncing up and down if you don’t have a good support, which is irreversible without surgery.

4. Get fitted every 6 months

Your breast can change size from time to time because it is mostly made of fat. An ill-fitting bra can cause you problem, while a good fitting bra can give you more comfort and confidence.

5. A good bra should not give you back and shoulder pain.

One way of knowing if your bra is a good fit is it does not give your back and neck muscles some strain after a long day. Either your bra is no longer able to support your breast or perhaps your breast has change size.

6. Loose bras cause irritation

If bras aren't tight enough the friction of them moving around next to your skin can cause irritation.

7. Bras affect your digestion

The British School of Osteopathy has found a link between digestive problems and ill-fitting bras.  "All nerve roots come from the back; stomach upsets and fatigue are common by-products of bad back health. If ladies have a proper bra-fitting, back problems are often resolved."

8. Sleeping in a bra doesn't necessarily stop sagging

Dr Amber Gouth said "Sagging or changes in the breast are due to a number of factors: pregnancy and breastfeeding being the most common causes, along with time and gravity."

While cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kouvani adds; "Wearing a bra in bed can offer comfort while sleeping but does not help protect against drooping. Wearing a bra while standing and moving can battle ptosis but the processes that cause drooping aren't in play while supine."

9. Sleeping in a bra may prevent stretch marks

"Bigger breasts can drag and want to go sideways when you are lying down", cosmetic surgeon Douglas McGeorge said. "This can pull the skin and contribute to stretch marks. Wearing a bra to sleep in may slow the ageing process down very slightly in this instance."

10. If you sleep in a bra, stay off Synthetic fibers

Wearing a bra at night can raise your breast temperature causing you to sweat more. Opt for natural fabrics that will be cooler and allow your skin to breathe.

11. Never hang onto a bra for too long

Once the elastic in the back of the bra has been stretched, it will no longer be supportive. If you own a number of bras and rotate them regularly you will be able to hold onto them for longer.

12. Your breasts change during pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Your breast grows larger when you are pregnant and can be very sensitive, it is best to have yourself measured and get the right fit. And after bearing  your child and you are done with breast-feeding, wait about a month after breast-feeding and get measured again for a new bra.

    13. Know the signs of a well-fitting bra

      Experts at Freya have heaps of advice around finding the best fit for you but here are some top tips:

      The back strap of the bra should not ride up but sit straight across your body and the straps should not be too tight or carry the full weight of your breasts. The underwire should sit flush against your ribcage and not dig in to any of your breast tissue. Look in the mirror - your entire breast should sit comfortably within the cup with no bulging or gaping.


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