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13 Reasons Going Braless Is the World's Best Feeling


It’s time to free your girls out of the contraptions; we are not born to wear bras!

Many women are thankful for the invention of bras, but for sure, they can’t wait to get home and take it off. Others made a fond of it and collect the most expensive ones. Why not give the love to your breast when it’s really yours and its part of us. Besides, bra problems only came out when bras were invented, but of course.

If you have one reason not to go braless, then we’ll give you 13 reasons why being braless is the best feeling, which how we should it be. Not only you get rid of the bra problems, but there’s more reason that you can’t disagree.

1. Boob Sweat…Evaporate!

The underboob is prone to sweat mostly caused by rubbing of the bra material to your breast and heat up your skin and cause it so sweat more. When you skip the bra, you give the air a chance to air in and evaporate it rather than pressing and rubbing that moist bra against your skin all day.

2. Your natural chest shape emerges

After years of wearing a bra, your breast will start to conform to the shape of your bra. But for those who stop wearing bras, their breast start to make the shape of their own. You may get self-conscious, but it’s fine. A study claims that if you don’t wear a bra for a year, you’ll gain 7mm lift on your breast, that’s good right?

3. Boobs are unique

When you go braless for quite some time, you will realize that breasts are unique. Breast have different shape, size and color and all sorts of uniqueness. Not just one type fashion, movies and tv have brainwash us what a boob should look like. This reminds us that every person is different from one person to another which makes us humans.

4. “Off my Bra” feeling All day

The greatest feeling of the day is when you get home and take off your bra.. Ohhh! You know how wonderful it feels to remove your bra and imagine experiencing that delight all day!

5. Because you can Go Braless without anyone knowing

Some places don't allow having a sexualized look like protruding nipples. But there are many ways you could go out without a bra without anyone knowing. Like taking an extra layer of clothing to make yourself discreet or you can use nipple covers.

6. You save money on bras

No one can deny that bras are expensive and all of them are pretty much disposable after 6 months. They are hard to find and the fitting is the hardest part next to paying for it. Going braless saves you a lot of money, time and hassle.

7. Nipples are highly underrated accessories

The 1970s was a glamorous decade filled with glitz, gold and visible nipples. Take a page from the disco era and allow your nipples to add a little extra fun to your look. After all, men wear theirs out literally the entire summer. What's the big deal about letting ours simply rest naturally under the fabric of a shirt?

8. Crop Tops Will Look Great on You

If you ever felt so inclined to wear the popular crop top. It’s for any age, any body type and it will look great on you while braless.

9. No More Bra marks/Pressure Lines

Even your perfectly fitted bra can leave a line or even a bit uncomfortable on your skin, you can’t deny it. If you are trying to get rid of the discomfort by spending more, why not just skip them all together?

10. It’s an Adventure

Depending on what you wear with it, sometimes it’s a risk getting a wardrobe malfunction. But, hey, you only live once and atleast you can feel extra alive every once in a while. – Just you without the extra required attachment

11. Going braless does not make your breast sag

Breast are naturally droopy because of its weight, that’s a fact and its fine. It’s not true that not wearing a bra will make your breast sag. It may hurt if it is your first time going braless, but later on, your muscles are going to get used to the weight and improve its tone. In fact, a French study found that women who went without bras developed more muscle tissue, allowing their bodies to support their breasts naturally.

12. Accept Yourlself

In some situations, there are people that are going to judge you for what you wear. However, if you feel confident without a bra, let yourself go for it and don’t let anybody tell you what aren’t the right shape, size or type of breast a woman should have.

13. Freedom

If you think you are free and decide for yourself to wear a bra, well you are not. Wearing a bra is dictated by social pressure, fear and norm which you are the one to suffer the consequence of it, then that is slavery. Freedom is to decide on your own and for your own good. Enjoy your freedom.

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