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12 Trips Every Couple Should Take to Strengthen Their Bond

It's time to finally take that long-awaited vacation you both deserve. These unique trip ideas will give you the chance to make fun memories together and bring you closer together as a couple.

Beach Vacay

For couples that equate trips and vacationing with grand adventures, shake it up and opt for something slow-paced and low-key like a seaside getaway. Make it even more memorable by splurging on beautiful accommodations, experiences, food, or anything else that would make you both happy.

Heritage Pilgrimage

Learn more about yours or your spouse's family by embarking on a journey to the country that your ancestors' called home. Plan two separate adventures—one for your family and one for his—or visit several destinations in one vacation.

Road Trip

Drive up the west coast, venture through the south, or make your way across the country—there are so many routes to choose from. A road trip gives you plenty of time to talk, catch up, and make plans together. You can make it even more fun by stocking up on your favorite snacks and creating playlists with your favorite songs.

Foreign Affair

Embrace a challenge together by going to a far-off location where the national language isn't your own. You'll work together to figure things out—directions, sightseeing, ordering food—and learn to love each other's company again when you only have each other to converse with.

Off the Grid

Head to a cozy mountain retreat or a secluded beach house—it doesn't matter where you choose as long as you leave the electronics and devices behind. This venture will give you the chance to really focus on one another and leave the stresses of your career and busy lives behind.

Campout Route

This adventure will give your relationship a serious confidence boost. If you and your partner can work together to build a tent and fire without bickering, then your love can sustain just about anything.

Day of Play

You probably went to a Disney park when you were a child, and you've probably visited with your own youngsters, so now you should treat yourselves and go together, sans offspring! It's the surest way to get in touch with your fun-loving, inner kid.

Active Adventure

Tackle a new sport or activity that you've always wanted to learn together. Try surfing, hiking, boating, snorkeling, skiing, or whatever else inspires you.

Change of Scenery

If you live in the country or suburbs, head to a city. If you live in an urban area, head out to the countryside. It doesn't matter how short or long the trip is, it's about changing up your environment to bring you both together while trying something new.

Last-Minute Getaway

Pack a bag, head to the airport, and buy cheap, spur-of-the-moment plane tickets. A spontaneous adventure may be just the thing your relationship needs.

Educational Experience

Head to Italy to take a pizza-making class, go to Sonoma, California, to learn how wine is made, or journey to Hawaii to learn how to surf from the best. Learning should never stop, and discovering a new passion or honing a skill together will be a memory you cherish forever.

Couples Retreat

Round up your friends and plan a weekend trip together. You'll have a guaranteed good time if all of your closest friends are all in one place! Laughter, a little revelry, and bonding with your pals is healthy for both you and your relationship.

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