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12 Stress Hacks You Can Use in the Next 5 Minutes


Stress can be triggered by anything random of your day. It can be a deadline, an upcoming interview, or you just got in a cab with a bad driver. Your brain will go into “fight-or-flight” mode, heart rate goes up and breathing rapidly which cause your muscles to tense up. The stress response is pretty rapid, so you need a stress-relief that can help you recover yourself as fast as possible.

1. Know your stress

It’s always good being aware about your stress so you’ll know when to act. When stress hits you, your breathing gets shallower and your heart beats faster and your muscles get tense. This response is generally quite rapid and is caused by surges of adrenaline and cortisol coursing through your body. By being familiar with the first signs of stress, you can catch the response in the early process, before it affects you and your health.

2.Take a Rhythmic Breathing

Slow rhythmic breathing activates the vagus nerve, a large nerve that travels throughout the body and links your brain to your heart, lungs, gut, and other major organs. It will slow down the fight-or-flight response and takes the body back into a relaxed state. . To practice slow, rhythmic breathing, breathe in for a count of 5, rest for a count of 2, then breathe out through either your nose or mouth for a count of 6. if this is too difficult, you can begin with a 4-2-4 rhythm and work up to 5-2-6.

3. Relaxing Scenes

Nature scenes can speed up your heart's recovery from stress. A study claimed that students who are stressed had lower performance. Afterwards, they were shown pictures and the ones who saw pictures of trees had a quicker cardiovascular recovery.

4. Stand up straight

Upright posture increases testosterone and decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This seems to cause people to feel less anxious and more assertive and confident. Standing straight will decrease stress hormones.

5. Clench your Fist  

By clenching your right hand it activates your left brain which is more verbal and logical. If you are anxious, activating your left brain can prime you to think through the situation in a logical way and help you calm down.

6. Tap into your support system

If your stress is deep, ask your friends to help. Studies show that 60% of people who report having a lot of stress say they find relief from routinely spending time with friends and family. Even a phone call or a short walk can greatly help. It’s also good to have friends at work.

7. Try guided visualization

Studies show that simply visualizing a calm or peaceful scene can help ease our minds. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and picture a place that is special to you or brings you a sense of peace.

8. Exercise 

There is arguably nothing more impact on our overall health and wellness than exercise. Simply taking a 15-minute walk can lower blood pressure immediately. Don’t have a lot of time? Stretch at your desk or do some at-home yoga before bedtime.

9. Eat Anti-inflammatory foods 

Chronic stress can alter gene activity of immune cells as they are entering the bloodstream so they are ready to fight infection or trauma. When there is no infection to fight, this leads to inflammation. Inflammation is what is the root of most diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and more . It is better to swap processed foods for anti-inflammatory foods like whole grains, salmon, lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

10. Get a hug

Hugs can reduce blood pressure in adults, rather than turning into sugar fix, try to lift your spirits and see if a hug from a love one can help you.

11. Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique in which we control the state of our muscle tension. Studies show that it can be an incredibly effective tool for us to use to combat stress, anxiety and even insomnia. Starting with your eyes, your head, jaws, ears eyebrows, down to your toes.

12. Spend time with your pet

There is a reason why being with your pet animals can be therapeutic. Petting animals releases endorphins, which lower our heat rates and lift our moods. A study claims that being around an animal reduces our blood pressure. Investing in 5 minutes spending with an animal can quiet your mind and help you focus throughout the day.

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