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12 Times You Can Ditch Your Bra To Lessen Your Bra Time.


Let's be honest—wearing a bra can be a pain in the, err, bust, with underwires, straps and hooks making their way into the picture. So, it's no wonder going braless can feel as freeing as slipping out of a pair of stilettos after a long day. But it seems like bras hypnotize women, women just put it on automatically and It becomes a habit more than a need. Girl are we weird! We put on our bras and can’t wait to get home to take it off and Hooooo!!! A Breast of Fresh air!

According to a French Study at the University of Franche-Comté, it actually is good to ditch the hitch! Women are not made for bra’s instead, bras are made for women! What’s the difference? Take control of your bra and don’t get hypnotized! The study followed 320 women over 15 years and found that those who went braless were more likely to have perkier breasts than those who regularly wore a bra.

We understand that you need to wear it for general reasons, we’re stuck in this bias world, are we? If you can’t ditch the hitch, might as well increase your braless time! Who needs breast antennas anyway! Don’t lie to yourself, be free! That’s your boob talking! It’s okay to go braless!

Practice makes perfect! Getting hypnotized is easy, getting out is more challenging. We need to shake it a little bit in ditching the hitching bra! Perhaps you want a perkier breast, or If you can't go braless all the time, here are 12 perfect times you can be braless. 

1. From Bed to Breakfast

From the time you wake up and to doing your girl stuff, breakfast and all the works...let it hang and breath before you get out and constrict it the entire day. Only slip your bra right before you hit the door.

2. Jeans day

If you feel like wearing a Jeans jacket today, you can ditch the bra at home. The tight and thick jack will be enough to carry and conceal your girls. Just don't tell anyone you are not wearing one. 

3. Making Use of Neoprene 

Neoprene fashion has its own purpose and may serve to layer your top to hide the fact that you are not wearing a bra. Wearing a long sleeve and laying over a neoprene top does the fashion without revealing that you’re braless.

4. When it’s cold outside

When the weather is low and what you need is a thick sweater to keep you warm. A cable-knit sweater can be useful to disguise that are wearing no bra while going through your day. 

5. Walking the dog

When it's time to walk the dog you can go braless and let the girls jiggle and get a little exercise. Wearing a sweatshirt shouldn't be detectable and the neighbors won't mind you passing by.

6. Going for a Moto Ride

The leather jackets stiffer fabric helps your ladies in place while going outside, either you are going for a motorcycle ride or just making it your fashion, zip it up and the jacket is up for maximum support. It's great for disguising yourself being braless.

7. With Spanx

Next time you’re wearing something so form-fitting it requires a body shaper, opt for one that covers your boobs and doesn’t have underwire. The tight fabric will hold you in place while still giving your breasts more of a break than a bra would.

8. Wearing a shelf tank

Tanks with a built-in shelf bra offer a little support and concealment, but it’s nowhere near what you’d get with a “real” bra. Layer one under pretty much anything.

9. Doing chores around your place

It’s no sport unless you need to bend down and your girls are taller than your knee! If not, just relax, no need for straps!

10. Working a bodysuit

Bodysuits look great under slouchy jeans or layered under a summery dress for warmth. Throw an extra layer, like a button-up sweater or cute jacket, over top if you don’t feel 100 percent confident.

11. Wearing a trench coat

A belted trench won’t give anything away—your breast will pretend they are spies. They won’t be obvious!

12. Wearing this kind of top

Some shirts, like the one Kim Kardashian recently wore in Paris, aren’t meant to be worn with a bra. Just go with it.

Well of course, if you aren’t completely comfortable to go bra-less yet, put on a Stickee Pasties or StickeeBra and let your boobs feel the freedom.

StickeeBra believes in always improving ourselves, healthy and happy living, as well as maintaining close relationships with our family, partner and friends. Without the support of our loved ones, there wouldn't be us here today.



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